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Happy Birthday, President Clinton!

by Anne Middleton, on August 19th, 2015

Happy Birthday, President Clinton!  Clinton turns 69 this year and with Hillary’s presidential bid, he’s in the limelight again.  Whether you revered Clinton or referred to him as “Slick Willie”, it’s nonetheless fun to watch the former president take center stage again.  Of course, to stand on national podiums stumping for Hillary, he’ll need some dynamo shoes, and so in honor of #42, we’ve curated some presidential shoes.

Some folks called him Bubba earlier in his life.  It was his nickname, common for boys in the South to have.  “Bubba” seems to convey a sort of bucolic, down-home, folksy vibe and nothing does better than the flocculent, comfortable UGGs.  The Neumel Suede by UGG conveys Clinton’s ease and languidness well and it’s good for the pocketbook too!  Get free shipping and free returns on all orders.

Clinton, to this day, is an avid saxophone player and his high school trio was called “The Three Blind Mice”.  Clinton would look jazzy while riffing in the Chuck Taylor All Star Leather Sneaker by Converse.  With free shipping on any order using our codes, you won’t skip a beat, or overspend when ordering.  Save the syncopation for enjoying music, not getting a nasty surprise on shipping when you shop online.

Of course, Boston Proper is the internet hub for fine women’s footwear, so no picks for Bill here, but there’s some good leads for Hillary.  For a fundraising barbecue, we like the Crochet Wedge Sandal and we bet the Midwest matriarchs will love it too.  The Fashion Wedge Sneaker would be an excellent choice to lure the urbanite vote.  Either way, Boston Proper offers 10% off when you sign up for emails!  Now, that’s an incentive.

You don’t need to draft a treaty like the North American Free Trade Agreement to save.  Just use our codes to save on any varietal of presidential-inspired footwear you may want to shod yourself with.  No need to debate either—donkeys and elephants can agree.  If you’re a Clinton family fan, check out these shoes and be sure to shop with our codes and curb deficit spending.