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Happy Birthday, Princess Diana!

by Anne Middleton, on July 1st, 2015

Happy Birthday, Princess Diana.  The Queen of Hearts, gone, but not forgotten, enchanted us from first sight.  A fashion icon and humanitarian, not a year goes by the public does not get misty over the death of the People’s Princess, especially this year, with the burgeoning royal brood.  If you still listen to “Candle in the Wind” from time to time, we’ve got some suggestions to keep connected to Diana’s legend.

Two books worth checking out in the Apple Store are The Real Diana and Knowing the Best of Princess DianaThe Real Diana was penned by royal insider Lady Colin Campbell and is offered as an audiobook by Blackstone Audio.  Enjoy this audio book with the crystal clear audio offered by the Apple iPad Air 2.  You’ll also get the insider’s treatment shopping with our codes from T-Mobile and get free shipping on all orders of $25 or more. 

If you’re a collector of Diana-inspired items, like the porcelain dolls by the Franklin Mint, you need a reliable mobile device to gauge their value, especially if you happen upon a great find.  From thimbles, to plates, to commemorative platters, if you collect royal memorabilia, a smart phone is a must.  Verizon has great phones, like the Samsung Galaxy S 6 and great discounts.  Get $50 off and free shipping on select phone and devices.

“The candle burned out long before the legend ever did.”  Happy Birthday, Princess Diana.  Greatly missed, the People’s Princess still lives on in the hearts of many, especially at this time.  Though Diana did not live to see her grandchildren, she still looms large in the public imagination.  For all the subjects of the Queen of Hearts, you can still connect to Diana’s legacy with apps, powered by great mobile devices from Verizon and T-Mobile using our codes.