Happy Birthday, Sagittarius!

by Anne Middleton, on December 2nd, 2015

Happy Birthday, Sagittarius!  Fiery, yet flexible, Sagittarius is definitely a live and let live personality.  They are the explorers of the zodiac and need superb shoes to keep up with their wanderlust.  Here’s some footwear we think will serve The Archer perfectly.

Sagittarius the Archer is ruled by Jupiter the planet of luck and expansion, so that explains the persistent twinkle in their eye.  They are typified by a brilliant shade of purple, symbolizing the comingling of zeal (red) and intuition (azure).  If you’re an Archer, be sure to don a pair of purple shoes, like Converse’s Chuck Taylor All Star Fresh Colors Sneaker in an electrifying Electric Purple.  A statement shoe, Sagittarians can feel comfortable even when on the go in these sneakers. 

The Archer’s gem is turquoise, which helps the ever-moving Sagittarian be more placid.  Grounding, yet vibrant, adding turquoise to the wardrobe will help a Sagittarian if you believe crystal lore.  Nonetheless, Boston Proper has a fabulous pair of Faux Turquoise Stud Cowboy Boots that will help you prance about your neighborhood or the global village in style. 

The sign of Sagittarius has a close affinity with Chiron, the wounded healer of the zodiac.  Often, Sagittarians may have cares and burdens of their own, but also open themselves up to caring and shouldering the emotional onuses of others.  If you have a lot of cares to bear, consider swathing your feet in the flocculent comfort of UGG, like the Kristin Wedge Boot.  Now go hit your target, archers.

Happy Birthday Sagittarius!  Sagittarius has untold depths that are often eclipsed by their wandering lifestyle.  You may flit from city to city or career to career, but underneath all that exploration is a profound quest for truth.  Seek your truth and keep your feet happy and healthy while doing it.  Shop with our codes.