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Happy Birthday, Virgo!

by Anne Middleton, on August 20th, 2015

Virgo may be the sign of the Virgin, but don’t take them for naïve.  Happy Birthday, Virgo, the organizer, librarian and quality controller of the zodiac.  It’s a special pair of shoes that tempt the discriminating, perfectionist Virgo.

Virgos delve into the details. That’s why the Embellished Boot by Boston Proper is sure to be a winner for them.  Finely embellished, in dazzling geometric perfection, these boots dress up and down well and are perfect for changing seasons.  Get 10% off your order when you sign up for emails from Boston Proper. 

Sophisticated Virgo will love the detail of the Bentlie Constellation Slipper by UGG.  Strategically placed Swarvoski crystals embellishing this shoe are reminiscent of your favorite constellation—Virgo!  Your feet will be swaddled in the flocculent perfection of UGGs and your shoes will be a conversation piece too!  What more could you want, but free shipping and free returns on all your orders?  So, use our codes with UGG!

Mercury, the planet of communication, rules Virgo.  Virgos are communicators and raconteurs par excellent.  In fact, one of my favorite Virgos seems to always speak in anecdotes to make his points.  Mercury, the Grecian god, was famed for his winged shoes.  Now, we’ve scoured high and low and not found any winged shoes, but Converse are pretty close.  Nimble enough for a messenger god, Converse are great sneakers for Virgos, because they’re fully customize-able, perfect for Virgo’s specificities and eccentricities.  Converse offers free shipping on all orders—no fine print—using our codes, but we’re sure the Virgos will read the fine print anyways.

Virgos are mutable earth signs, so they’re stable yet flexible and that’s the kind of shoe a Virgo needs.  Whether out on the town or chained to the desk, a Virgo needs nimble footwear with an attention to detail.  Our codes will help your special birthday Virgo get the pampering they need—and deserve!