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Haunted Hayride

by Anne Middleton, on October 12th, 2015

Fall ushers in many seasonal attractions and one of those is the haunted hayride.  Whether this is a one-time offing for you or your business, you’ll need more than ghosts and ghouls to have a spooktacular jaunt.  Be sure your vehicles are ready for your haunted excursion.

1.  Brake Controller—Test your trailer’s brakes every outing and test the controller every six months or six thousand miles.  You don’t want your lurid imaginings to become baneful realities due to brake failure.   The AC Delco GM Original Equipment Trailer Brake Control from Auto Parts Warehouse should be on your hayride shopping list.  Get 5% off you order using our codes.

2. Trailer Lights—Inspect your trailer lights before each outing.  It would be no fun to be stranded in a haunted glade without lights.  4 Wheel Drive offers the LED Trailer Light Kit, which has 100,000-hour life span.  The price won’t be too scary either.  Use our codes for 5% off your order. 

3. Wheel Bearings—Every year, inspect wheel bearings.  Need specialty bearings for your Jeep?  Go to 4 Wheel Parts.  Get 5% off your order and that will enable you to buy a cache of sugary goodies for the trick-or-treaters.

4. Wiring Kits—Has the chupacabra chewed up the trailer wiring?  Be sure to inspect your wiring before your haunted sojourn.  The Reese Trailer Wiring Kit at Advance Auto Parts may be called for.  Get 20% off any order when you use or codes.  That’s not trick, but it’s definitely a treat. 

Yes, we love being scared by killer clowns, possessed puppets, and disgruntled men wielding chainsaws.  We don’t love being scared in our vehicles, especially when we have passengers.  You may have buckets of fake blood ready, yards of fake spider webbing, but have you made sure your trailer is ready for the haunted hay ride?  Use our Spirit Halloween coupons and save on all your trailer accoutrements this Halloween.