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Haunted Road Trip

by Anne Middleton, on October 27th, 2015

If trick-or-treating in your neighborhood has become blasé, perhaps it’s time for a haunted jaunt.  Here’s a list of four haunted municipalities that may be work the trek.  Just be sure your car is in tip-top shape…you wouldn’t want to get stranded.

1.  New Orleans—Of course, the home of voodoo is the South’s pre-eminent destination for bewitched bemusement.  Civil War specters, the tortured servants of the LaLaurie mansion and pissed off pirates are just of few of the unrested souls in limbo.  If you set your course for New Orleans, be sure to have fog lights from Advance Auto Parts to travel through that bayou fog.

2. Salem—New Englanders should trek to Gallows Hills for thrills and chills, which is the site of the Salem executions.  Old Burying Point, the cemetery where many of the unduly executed are reposed, is also a place to commune with the dead.  Check your fluids before the sojourn by shopping for coolant and other supplies from Auto Parts Warehouse.

3. Key West—Site of one of Hemmingway’s abodes, Hemmingway himself is rumored to visit this Key West haunt.  No paranormal tourist to Key West should neglect to put Robert the Doll on their itinerary, the inspiration for Child’s Play.  Haunted beaches are another lure of Key West, so why not go camping on the beach with a tent from 4 Wheel Parts?

4. Gettysburg—The bloodiest battle of the Civil War still reverberates from the grounds of Gettysburg, home of reenactments as well.  Baltimore Street is particularly attractive to phantoms, as many of the makeshift hospitals of the battle were staged there.  Off-road in a Jeep, but make sure it’s ready by visiting Jeep specialty dealer 4 Wheel Drive online.

A spine-tingling tour may be a short trek down the road.  Just be sure you’re prepared for your haunted excursion.  Whether you’re communing with the spirits of mambos, sorceresses, authors or soldiers, keep safe on the road this Halloween and use our codes to save on auto supplies.