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Hit The Road With These Date Night Ideas

by Anne Middleton, on March 4th, 2015

It’s date night!  Time to pick up your sweetie and hit the town!  Except, you are fresh out of original date destinations. Whether you are trying to woo your lady or court your dashing dude, thinking of distinctive date ideas can be burdensome.  You’ve done dinner and a movie more times than you can count, you’ve exhausted all the eateries in town and you usually quarrel over whether to see a rom-com or an action flick. Plus, those monotonous dates are killing your budget. It’s time for some fresh, economical date night suggestions. Put the car in gear and gather your beloved because all you need for these adventures is a free evening and a tank of gas.

Go stargazing

At sunset, pack a picnic and hop in the truck. Find an out-of-the way spot, preferably down a winding dirt road, to escape traffic congestion and the city lights. Spread a blanket on the ground, or over your bed liner from 4 Wheel Parts, and recline to watch the stars. Try to time this one to coincide with an astrological event, such as a meteor shower or full moon, just give your own names to the constellations. Spend a few low-key hours dreaming of your plans for the future, or making out…whichever the stars inspire.

Take in a drive-in movie

Sure, you’ve done all the possible incarnations of movie night, from upscale cinemas to movie marathons on the couch. But, you probably haven’t done a drive-in theater. There are just a handful of these throw back entertainment venues left around the country, so scour the Internet to find out if there is one near you. If not, set up your own by erecting a large sheet and using a projector. Of course, no drive-in experience is complete without snacks, so make sure that new console you picked up at 4 Wheel Drive is stocked with a couple of slurpable sodas, popcorn and candy.

Just start driving

The navigation system you scored with your Advance Auto Parts coupon is awesome for helping you avoid traffic jams on your commute and calculating your ETA, but sometimes you just need to let the road guide you. Jump in the car with your soul mate and give yourself over to spontaneity. Turn the direction opposite your normal route and stick to it until you aren’t sure where you are. Now, keep your eyes peeled for a roadside attraction or an out-of-the-way local restaurant and pull over for a bit of adventure. If you are feeling a bit cheeky, load up your storage box from Auto Parts Warehouse with your overnight gear and make a weekend out of your exploration.