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Honoring Mother Earth - How to Celebrate Earth Day

by Joe Graceffa, on March 18th, 2018

It’s time to celebrate! On April 22, 2018, the world will mark the 38th celebration of Earth Day. This year, the focus is centered on ending plastic pollution and there are plenty of ways for you to celebrate.


An estimated 300 million tons of plastic are produced each year. Unfortunately, only about ten percent of this plastic is properly recycled and reused. The rest ends up as waste in landfills or as litter in our natural environment. This is where the plastic leaks dangerous chemicals into the soil and water, endangering humans and wildlife alike.


It’s estimated that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the sea than fish by weight.


But it doesn’t have to be that way.


How to Help and Celebrate


There are some very simple and quick habits you can adopt to help preserve our planet.  Check out these valuable and fun-filled ideas on how to celebrate Earth Day. Taking these actions to heart will help make our world a better, cleaner, healthier place, both now and for future generations:


• Invest in a Reusable Coffee Cup


For the price of a couple of lattes, you can buy yourself a reusable cup and take it to your favorite barista every morning.  This is a straightforward action that means you won’t be adding to the large pile of plastic cups and coffee-related rubbish.


Earth Day is the perfect time to form a new routine that could save five cups and lids over the course of a work week, which is over 300 the course of a year. Just imagine what a difference that would make!


Don’t just stop with coffee… invest in a reusable drink container no matter what your choice of beverage. And stop purchasing water in plastic bottles, especially every time you go to the gym. There are plenty of alternatives out there and you’ll help save countless plastic bottles that would, otherwise, be filling up landfills and dumps.


• BYOB (Bring Your OWN Bag)


Every minute, about two million plastic bags are used around the world. When plastic bags are thrown away they usually end up in garbage dumps, on roadways, in bushes, waterways, and oceans.


You can reduce your contribution to the staggering number of plastic bags that are used and abused every day by committing to reusable sacks, pouches and bags for your groceries and for your merchandise at the drugstore. It’s already a habit for many, but making an effort to put several reusable shopping bags in your car and taking them with you when you shop will reduce the use of plastic bags and benefit the environment.


• Paperless Payments


Switching all of your bills to e-bills can make a positive impact. And if you own a business or offer a service, sending online invoices can save thousands of trees every single year. Plus, it will save you time paying your utilities and save money on stamps! This is likely one of the simplest changes you can make to support the Earth.


• Purposeful Planting


Our planet is losing 15 billion trees each year. Earth Day Network works tirelessly every day to reforest the earth and build sustainable communities.


Trees provide food, energy, and income, helping communities achieve long-term economic and environmental sustainability. Trees also filter the air and help reverse the impacts of climate change. In just one year, a mature leafy tree produces as much oxygen as ten people inhale!


You can join the fight by planting a small tree or seeds for flowers in your neighborhood, school or own backyard.


Why not make Earth Day the date you take the plunge and create a veggie patch.? You’ll not only be eliminating the carbon emissions that are involved in getting produce to the plate, you’ll also be able to enjoy fresh produce and save a little money. You can start small by planting some fresh herbs in a small container.


Get the family involved! You’ll be surprised by the fun and enjoyment you get from producing some of your own food.


Since 1881, Burpee seeds and plants have been available for all growing zones and for all seasons. They even have an “Advice and How To” section of the website to support all your gardening efforts and assure you have success.


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• Help Clean It Up


Many groups make Earth Day the time to clear roadways, highways and neighborhood streets of litter that has accumulated.


And nobody likes to see trash on the beach, especially when much of that litter ends up in the ocean polluting the seas and harming marine life. The stunning list of top trash items found on our beaches by the group International Coastal Cleanup included cigarettes, plastic bags, and food wrappers.


You can make a difference. Join in one of the local clean-ups of bodies of water and their shores in your neighborhood, not only on Earth Day but throughout the year.


• Better Ways to Travel


If you are in a situation where you can actually walk, ride your bike, or carpool in order to get from place to place, then celebrate Earth Day by keeping your vehicle in the garage. The fewer cars on the road, the better off that we will be when it comes to our atmosphere.


• Buy and Shop Locally


Choosing to eat food that was grown or raised as close to your home as possible benefits the earth. Locally-grown food doesn't require as much gas to arrive in your town and end up on the shelves in your grocery store. The closer to your home it was grown, the more environmentally friendly it is.


Farmer's markets are a great place to find local foods and many grocery stores now have a section devoted to locally-grown foods. Plus you’ll enjoy meeting your neighbors and getting to know more about your community-based agriculture.




Earth Day has grown into a global event recognized by over 190 countries. No matter where you live, there's a way to get involved in Earth Day and make the earth a cleaner and better place.  Visit to learn more and how to celebrate Earth Day in 2018.


Stand up!


Join up!


Take action!


Our planet’s survival may depend on it.