aauto haunted house

How To Build A Haunted Attraction

by Anne Middleton, on October 9th, 2015

Chainsaw?  Check.  Fake blood?  Check?  Killer clowns?  Check.  Auto parts?  Huh?  If you're looking to build a haunted attraction to remember, don't forget to shop for auto parts to enhance the creepiness of your haunted abode.  Here's a few auto-inspired suggestions for a haunted house. 

1.  Door Shells and Door Skins—Mangle them to make it look like the sasquatch attacked a vehicle. Auto Parts Warehouse has door skins and shells, but the mangling is up to you! You won't feel manhandled by high retail markups using our codes.  Get 5% off your order!

2. A tent—Don't overpay for tents at the big box retail marts.  Lure your victims in the tent and then unleash the wrath of your mocked up chupacabra on them.  4 Wheel Parts has great tents and the price won't spook you either.  Get 5% off using our codes.

3. Victor Emergency Triangles—Horror is about building anticipation and nothing builds anticipation better than warning signs.  Stock up on Warning Triangles form Advance Auto Parts.  You'll get 20% off your order.

4. Tires—They are so versatile.  Fill them with ectoplasm. Coat them in blood and leave tracks. Tires are affordable at 4 Wheel Drive, so use our codes to get 5% off any order.

If your haunted house is humdrum check out auto parts options.  Paying for auto parts can be scary, but not when you use our codes.  So get scared, but not about shopping for the stuff your vehicle (or your haunted house) needs.