How To Pick The Best Running Shoe For You

Need new running shoes? Find out how to pick the best running shoe for you!

by Anne Middleton, on June 9th, 2016

Everyone wants to find the perfect match between their feet and their athletic footwear. Hundreds of features and countless choices can make deciding on the best running shoes a project that can involve a significant amount of research.  But fear not! Nike and New Balance have an almost endless variety of running shoes to match your every requirement.

For runners, selecting running shoes may be as important as purchasing a house or a car. And perhaps this decision is even more critical since it involves the short and long-term health of your feet.

Unsure how to start the selection process? Use this checklist to select the proper fit, comfort and style for your running shoes.

1. Shape. As you set out to find the best shoes for your exercise of choice, first consider the shape of your feet. Since we humans have a variety of foot shapes, shoe companies such as Nike have developed models to accommodate runners with all types of strides.

The three main foot types are flat, neutral and high arches.

- Flat feet tend to have fallen arches, making them flexible and prone to over pronation, an inward rolling motion.

- Neutral feet are the most biomechanically sound, putting them somewhere in the middle.

- High-arched feet are essentially the polar opposite of flat feet. With flat feet the arches are particularly defined leading to the runner landing on the outside edges of the feet.

New Balance recognizes how the shape of your foot is when deciding on a new running shoe. They offer Arch Support Stability Insoles for premium arch reinforcement and cushioning. Since the beginning of this worldwide athletic company in 1906, they have been focused on providing the best fit for every athlete and weekend warrior.

2. Size. Make sure you have a half to a full thumb’s nail length from your big toe to the end of the shoe. Whether you choose New Balance or Nike, this may require going a half or even one full size from your street shoe. Running causes our feet to swell. You’ll want to have plenty of room in the toe box. If your toes are crammed in the front of the shoe, you could develop blisters. While you want to be able to move your toes around, be sure your heel is snug and secure, avoiding any unnecessary slippage.

All of us should follow Nike’s philosophy. Nike believes we are all athletes. According to this leader in athletic running shoes, “if you have a body, you are an athlete.” Nike has a dedicated legion of fans that has resulted in over $27.8 billion dollars of revenue globally.  Let the professionals at Nike assist you in identifying the proper running shoe for your sport of choice. Their wide range of footwear offers unbelievably light cushioning for effortless speed or simple construction for that morning power walk.

3. Test. Take a short run around the store to test the fit, function and comfort before you make your final purchase of your new running shoes. It is essential to assure the footwear you choose feels great when you are running, not just standing. Soft and cushioned or fast and free, New Balance offers a multitude of options for your running shoes. When visiting the New Balance website you’ll explore running shoes that provide a steady and supportive fit in styles perfect for the track, trail or race-day.

4. Replace. To prevent injuries replace your shoes every 300 to 400 miles depending on the surface that you run. Running in old, worn-out shoes is one of the most common causes of running injuries. Over time, even the best running shoes lose cushioning, stability and shock absorption. If you wait to replace your sneakers when you feel discomfort in your joints and muscles, you likely waited too long to purchase a new pair of running shoes.

There is really no reason to delay purchasing new running shoes. At you’ll find running shoes featuring a responsive cushioning heel and engineered mesh fabrication for breathable comfort. As a leader in innovation, Nike has developed running shoes, apparel and fitness accessories that you can use with confidence.


Whether you’re an Olympic athlete or a periodic pavement pounder, happy feet can make all the difference. Your choice of running shoes is made easy with the quality, dependability and latest foot technology from the folks at Nike. You’ll cross the finish line in style and comfort when you select running shoes from New Balance.