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How to Save on Gas

Higher gas prices are returning as our lifestyles get back to a more normal routine. But with a few minor adjustments to your driving habits, you can learn how to save on gas and watch the savings add up! These ten tips will help you.

by PromoCodesForYou, on March 17th, 2021

You’ve probably noticed that higher gas prices are coming back as our lifestyles return to a more normal routine. Yes, things are definitely changing from this time last year.


When the coronavirus first hit in 2020, Americans hunkered down at home. Many workplaces decided employees should work remotely and schools had children learning from their own dining room tables.  Commuting and carpools were halted.  As a result, demand for gasoline plunged, and prices dropped.

Now, prices are rising fast nationwide, and it’s happening for several reasons:

  • rising crude oil prices
  • tightening gas supplies as over a dozen refineries closed, reducing U.S. production in 2020
  • increased gas demand
  • harsh winter weather making it tough for refineries to operate


A spokesperson at AAA stated, “Consumers can expect to continue paying more to fill up, potentially up to 10 cents more a gallon, depending on how high crude goes.”


It’s time to find the best ways on how to save on gas!


Save on Gas While Driving
As life begins to return to something closer to what we remember, people are returning to their habits of driving to work more often and shuttling their kids to classrooms and activities. This trend is contributing to the increasing cost of fuel.


Make no mistake, knowing how to save on gas for your car or truck will once again become a priority for every household. These ten tips will help you save gas when driving.

1. There’s an App for That
The latest technology makes it possible to find the cheapest gas prices with state-of-the-art apps that are available right at your fingertips.  Here are two of the best:


  • AAA. Motorists can find the current cost of gas along their route with the free AAA Mobile app for Apple and Android devices. Whenever you need to fill up, you can save time and money by comparing low gas prices gathered by the reliable Automobile Club that we all use for rescuing us in mechanical vehicle emergencies.


  • GasBuddy excels at finding real-time fuel prices at more than 150,000 service stations so you can save on gas while driving. Since 2000, they have made fuel-savings easier and more accessible for all drivers. The innovative GasBuddy price map lets you know what you should expect in just about every corner of the country. You can easily view gas prices with their color-coded map available on the free GasBuddy app.


2. Accelerate Slowly Did you know that you burn extra fuel every time you punch the gas to quickly speed up after stopping? Don't have a lead foot! Putting the "pedal to the metal" lowers fuel efficiency and the harder you accelerate, the more fuel is wasted.


Instead, press the accelerator pedal gently to save gas in traffic.  In general, you want to use the gas and brake pedals as little as possible while still being safe to keep your gas usage to a minimum.


3. Avoid Tailgating Related to acceleration is the issue of tailgating. Avoid wasting precious gasoline by leaving enough space between your vehicle and the car in front of you. You may be impatient about getting to your destination, but tailgating requires repeatedly braking and then pressing on the gas. This constant up and down uses up more fuel than just driving at a consistent rate and at a safe distance.


4. Drive the Speed Limit If you've got the need for speed, your wallet's going to feel the consequences by having to refuel. Driving at the posted speed limit (or a little below) is the single most effective and easiest solution to save gas on the highway.


Every five miles per hour (mph) you drive over 50 mph is like paying up to an additional $0.19 per gallon for gas. That can add up quickly! There is no denying that the fuel efficiency of your vehicle significantly decreases the faster you go, so obey those speed signs.


5. Cruise Control You may wonder if cruise control can save on gas.  The answer is yes! The more often a vehicle changes speeds, the more the fuel economy is likely to suffer. Using this common feature is a simple way to keep your foot off the brake and the gas pedal. Cruise control keeps your car going at a steady and consistent rate. When you use cruise control on the road, you can easily maintain the speed limit without having to be on and off the gas, which reduces fuel consumption. But always keep your hands on the wheel to assure safety!


6. Service Your Vehicle Treat your car to regular tune-up service.  Things like a dirty air filter or bad spark plugs can eat up your fuel. Routine maintenance will not only keep your car in good condition and lower the number of repairs, but it will also help your car be fuel-efficient.


7. Tire Pressure Properly inflated tires will increase your traveling distance on a tank of gas and maximize your fuel economy. The amount of fuel savings is estimated to be one extra mile per gallon. Properly inflated tires will not just increase the miles per gallon (MPG), having properly inflated tires are also safer and will last longer.


Keep a tire gauge handy and be sure to check your tire pressure frequently. If you're unsure how much air your tires need, check inside the driver's side door or the user manual.


8. Turn Off All Features Before You Exit Vehicles of all make and models now come equipped with a never-ending amount of technology and gadgets. Sure, when you turn off your car and cut the engine, everything goes off. But what about when you start it back up? If you turn everything off like your radio, air conditioning, climate control settings, seat warmers, defroster, and other accessories, the next time you start up your car, it will require much less gas.


9. Gas rewards Check for loyalty programs where you can save money per gallon at specific gas stations.  For example, you can earn rewards at Shell with the Fuel Rewards Network to save per gallon.  If you pay with a credit card, you may also earn rewards like cash-back on your purchase.


10. Lighten the Load Get rid of any unnecessary weight in the backseat or trunk of your car and clear out any unnecessary items out of your truck bed. Whether it is golf clubs, strollers, boxes of old clothes for donation, or unnecessary tools, the weight can quickly add up. Clean out your car and truck because the less weight you have, the less gas you’ll burn. It’s a quick way to save gas mileage in a truck or any type of vehicle.


How to Save Money on Gas for Your Car
As the economy rebounds and gas prices climb, looking for ways to save on the cost of driving is a smart strategy.


Taking steps to follow the speed limit, gently accelerating and braking, and using other simple measures can improve the fuel economy of your vehicle by 15%–30% at highway speeds and 10%–40% in stop-and-go traffic.  Use these ten tips for getting more mileage out of every dollar when you're behind the wheel.


The good news is that with a few minor adjustments to your driving habits, you can learn how to save on gas and watch the savings add up!