How To Throw A Super Bowl Party On A Budget

Consider these Super Bowl party ideas for hosting the ultimate celebration!

by Anne Middleton, on January 20th, 2016

Last year, the 2015 Super Bowl attracted 114.4 million viewers per minute, becoming the most watched event in American television history.  The popularity of the National Football League continues to increase and this year’s Super Bowl is projected to exceed those numbers.

Instead of heading out to a noisy bar and dishing out hundreds of dollars for food and drink, home-based Super Bowl parties have become enormously popular.  The game day bash has become much more than watching the four-quarter spectacle and judging the commercials. 

These days, a Super Bowl party is about the total experience of combining the biggest sporting event of the year with non-stop food and drinks in the company of friends.

Maybe you’re considering throwing a get-together for this annual event but you are strapped for cash.  Don’t let this obstacle hold you back!  Consider these Super Bowl party ideas for hosting the ultimate celebration without throwing your budget out of bounds.

Here’s the game plan:


Other than the game itself, Super Bowl party food is probably the most anticipated and joyous part of the event.

Potluck: There’s nothing wrong with making your Super Bowl party food a potluck. It is always amusing to see what your guests literally bring to the table. This also ensures that picky eaters and those prone to allergies have something they can eat. Serve the food buffet and when new dishes come in, just add them to the table.

Keep it Simple: Not sure your posse knows how to concoct an edible dish?  Ordering pizza can be an economical option. Numerous pizza companies run Super Bowl deals, so you can order multiple pies with a variety of toppings to please everyone without spending a fortune

Go Generic:  Let’s face it. People are coming to your home to watch the game, and after they’ve had a few beers, they’re not going to care about the brand of chips they’re eating. By serving your snacks in bowls scattered throughout the room, there’s no reason not to buy generic items at the grocery store. In most cases, no one is going to notice the difference between a Tostitos chip and a generic one

Coupon Clipping: Between now and the big event, gather coupons on everything you need.  During the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, you can source a multitude of savings at online coupon sites (like There are even coupon apps!  Plus many of the items you purchase will also be on sale at the grocery store. By combining coupons with items on sale, you’ll save the most money.


BYOB: Beer and alcoholic drinks are the most expensive part of most Super Bowl parties.  One Super Bowl party idea is to consider BYOB when it comes to alcohol

Kegs are King: One of the best Super Bowl ideas you can employ is that if you’re  the person in charge of buying the beer, consider a keg. The savings can be up to 50% over buying bottles


Decor: Super Bowl party food is paramount to the success of your soiree. But when it comes to décor, the truth is that most people could care less about decorations.  If you must show your creative side, festive streamers in the colors of the two competitive teams purchased from the local dollar store will work just fine.  These discount stores likely have some additional (cheap) football themed to enhance your décor

Finally, if you truly aspire to throw a Super Bowl party filled with food and merriment, but simply cannot find the budget to go at it alone, why not co-host the event?

Hopefully, these Super Bowl party ideas demonstrate that you don’t have to spend a lot to have a fabulous gathering on game day. Be smart, be creative and you will enjoy the Super Bowl as much as your guests do and leave them with a memorable experience.