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How To Throw The Perfect Star Wars Movie Night

How to channel the force into your party planning and get the most bang for your buck too!

by Anne Middleton, on January 26th, 2016

Unlike the Star Wars premiere held in Hollywood last December, you may not have five thousand guests coming to watch the movie, but you still might find yourself hosting a Star Wars viewing party this year.  We have some ways to channel the force into your party planning and get the most bang for your buck too.  You may have missed your chance to do a Star Wars marathon this winter, but new installments of the saga are scheduled to be released in 2017 and 2019.  Here’s how to watch Star Wars in order and put on some great Darth Vader costumes too:

Stock up on snacks
Load up on movie theater favorites like popcorn and boxed candies, but also consider healthier fare too.  Be sure you know your guests’ food and allergy preferences. You will probably also want to schedule in meal breaks between films, so plan for delivery early, or pre-make food that can be heated and served easily. 

Stock up on toiletries
Guests will be eating, drinking and staying in your house for a long period of time.  Plan for extra toilet paper usage. Perhaps stock some mints and cheap toothbrushes and toothpaste in the bathroom.  If you’ve ever been to an upscale club where there’s been a bathroom attendant, did you notice all the toiletries they had on-hand?  You don’t have to get that lavish, but you may want to have some well-chosen toiletries (and perhaps travel-sized medications) available for the guests.

Keep your guests cozy for the long haul.
If you plan your party now, prior to The Force Awakens being available on VOD (which is speculated to be happening this spring), you will have 794 minutes of film to watch.  If you wait for the VOD or DVD release, you will need to budget 929 minutes of movie time, so 13.25 hours or 15.5 hours, respectively. Certainly you and your guests are not going to want to stay on the same spot on the couch the whole time, so it might behoove you to grab some extra chairs, like bean bag chairs, pillows, throw blankets and other items to help guests be cozy.  

Come to some agreements beforehand.
To prevent the dark side from creeping in, you should probably settle a few things first.  One thing that folks are getting particular about is the order that the movies are played during the marathon.  Some want to see the episodes in story order (meaning prequels first), while others seem to want to watch them in the order they were made and released.  Get this out in the open, especially if you know there will be strong opinions in your peer group.  Also, agree to some break activities, like a costume contest, trivia contest, and light saber fighting, etc., to give your brain and eyes a break from the movies.  We have amazing coupon codes to help you put that Princess Leia, Darth Vader or Chewbacca costume together. 

May the force be with you as you plan your Star Wars parties.  Just putting on the party is an adventure of stellar proportions, but it doesn’t have to cost as much as the Death Star.  Use our codes and save on all your party planning needs!