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How To Winterize Your Vehicle

by Anne Middleton, on December 30th, 2015

Snowfall in the U.S. has been up in certain cities, especially in Colorado and South Dakota.  Your car may be ready for wintry weather, but what about your snow ploughs and accessories?  There’s still time to get your family winter-ready. 

Have an ATV but need a snow plough?  Get the Warn Standard ATV Center Mount Plow System with Value 48" Straight Blade from 4 Wheel Parts and enjoy discounts from us.  Get your ATV Plow Lift Rope from 4 Wheel Drive.  The plow lift rope temporarily replaces your wire winch rope for plow season.  You might need snow plow oil, so go to Advance Auto Parts and order Buyers Snow Plow Oil and save with our codes.  Don’t forget your Hopkins Snow Brush and Scraper from Auto Parts Warehouse.  We’ve scraped up some major savings for you when you shop with our codes. 

Even if you’re not looking for a snow plow, it’s the best time to winterize your vehicle.  Honda, Toyota and Subaru owners it seems, are well equipped for icy roads and snow.  See if your car made the list.  Be sure you’ve got your snow tires, if you haven’t already.  If it’s cold enough to see your breath, it’s cold enough for your vehicle to sport snow tires.  Check your fluids too.  A little preventative maintenance now can spare you a big mechanic’s bill in the New Year. 

The time is now to get winter ready before it’s too late, and hopefully before the snow gets too deep!  Statistically, February is the cruelest month when it comes to winter weather, so prepare now.  Use our codes to save on all your car’s needs, come rain, snow, ice or sunshine.





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