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Hunger Action Month

by Anne Middleton, on September 22nd, 2015

September is Hunger Action Month.  One in six Americans are struggling with hunger and one of the ways you can help is by taking a spoon selfie.  Put a spoon on your nose and snap a pic and post it up on social media with facts about hunger in the U.S. and be sure to use the #Spoontember hashtag.

Want to work in solidarity with others concerned about hunger?  Go to and sign up for their ThunderClap for Hunger Action Day.  ThunderClap offers activists the opportunity to make a magnified impact because it amplifies your message using the power of a crowd.  When you join a ThunderClap campaign, you and your co-Clappers all tweet the same message at the same time, causing a ripple throughout the social media platforms.  A deluge of tweets, Facebook and Tumblr posts are going to inform the public about the plight of the hungry in the U.S. 

Like more traditional ways of helping? Food bank app by John Taylor is an app that helps you locate a food bank near you and track your contributions.  Load it onto your new iPad from Verizon this September and get free shipping on your order using our codes.  Want to get your juveniles in on some social justice actions?  Check out VolunteerMe on Google Play.  Users can create accounts and get the contact information of local volunteering organizations.  All of the activities are teen-appropriate and the teens can even tweet about their philanthropic endeavors through the interface.  Reward your teen for their big heart with the LG Leon LTE from T-Mobile.  Reward yourself using our codes when you save 25% off accessories using our codes.

I’ve found the most satisfying way for me to help during Hunger Action Month is a co-mingling of online awareness efforts and old-fashioned volunteering.  Great phones and tablets can help you do both, so devise a plan for Hunger Action Month, using our codes.