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If The Shoe Fits

by Anne Middleton, on June 29th, 2015

If the shoe fits….well, sometimes the shoes don’t fit and the department store doesn’t have your size.  If you have petite feet or are statuesque lady, you know the frustration of journeying all the way to the department store to discover they don’t have your size 5 or size 12 shoes.   Instead of jaunting off to the department store next time you need shoes, click on our codes and shop online.

The women’s Ansley Slipper by UGG comes in a brilliant cactus flower hue.  Never sacrifice on comfort again by squeezing your foot into the not-so-right-size shoe.  Available in sizes 5-12, you’ll love the comfort and value of the Ansley because UGG offers free overnight shipping using our codes.  You’ll never waste hours of time shopping around town again.

Many retailers don’t carry half-sizes.  If you’re in between a 5 and 6 or your foot is just above a 10, it can be real ordeal to get appropriately-sized footwear.  Having the right shoes is not just a comfort consideration but a health situation too.  Nike understands that caring for your feet is central to your performance on and off the court, so they carry half sizes on many of their shoes, including the Nike Free 5.0 Photosynthesis Women’s Running Shoe.  With free shipping on orders on of $150 or more, you can get the shoes you need.

Sometimes, larger shoes lack in the glamor department.  If you’ve ever made a regrettable shoe purchase just because the shoe fit, you don’t have to do that if you shop online with Boston Proper. Take the dazzling Jelly Thong sandal.  It comes in sizes 6 to 10!  And you won’t get the priced hiked for ordering a larger size using our codes, either.  Get 10% off when you sign up for emails from Boston Proper.

Rarely do department stores carry a shoe above an 11.  Even then, the selection of 11s are skimpy at best.  If you are a towering lady that wears an 11 or above, it would seem you are out of luck.  Not on the Converse site.  You can order up to a women’s 14.  So live large and stock up on great sneakers from Converse.  They’re offering $5.95 flat rate shipping using our codes.

Neither would-be Cinderellas nor ladies who were larger shoe sizes need to fret over the lack of selection at the department stores when they shop online.  Whether you’re looking for a sassy sandal or a slinky slipper, our online retailers have the size you need and with our codes, a price that will fit just right.