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If They Could See Us Now

by Anne Middleton, on April 27th, 2015

If my grandparents were alive today (and I wish they were), they could never (ever) imagine the technological advances that permeate our everyday lives. They would be stunned that technology has leaped so quickly and produced such an amazing amount of changes in such a short span of time.

In fact, there are numerous items that these lovable relatives of mine wouldn’t be able to fathom.  For example,
• they could never imagine that we actually pay for bottled water when this clear, thirst-quenching liquid beverage can be acquired for free from the tap
• they would be shocked to ascertain that it is currently possible to read a book or view a movie on a digital screen.
• …and the idea that an individual could make calls on a telephone that is not tethered to a cord and plugged into a wall would fascinate them

Yes, technology advances today would seem inconceivable for our relatives who have passed on.

What About You?
So we wonder, could you live your life without mobile communication?

Cellular phones are devices we regularly take for granted.  The children born in this century will likely be unaware that land lines were once the only option for telecommunications. They probably will have to look up the words “land line” to understand their definition!

Actually, for our parents, even the message machine was a major achievement.  In ancient times, no one could believe that you did not even have to be home to receive a communique from a friend or relative.

Technology continues to alter our lives, mostly for the better.  But technology is also short-lived. On a regular basis, the Smartphone we purchased today becomes obsolete tomorrow.

Acquiring the state-of-the art electronic communication devices has been simplified by T-Mobile.  For a wide range of mobile phone options, you need not look beyond T-Mobile. You can walk into one of their many (many) locations or shop their complete line of mobile phones on line.  T-Mobile will also pay for the shipping costs on any of their devices!

And if you need a coverage plan we are all cognizant that even the most state-of-the art phone is useless without a strong signal. Only Verizon has been awarded by RootMetrics for having the top rated Overall Network Performance in the United States.

Come and be part of the modern age of technology.  Even if we do believe it is rather silly for all of us to be paying for water.