Impressive And Affordable Drink Recipes

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by Anne Middleton, on April 23rd, 2016

Cocktail recipes that can result in a series of “oohs” and “aahs” do not have to be complicated to be impressive.  No, you don’t need a blow torch or the ability to juggle bottles of liquor to impress your friends with some boozy wizardry. All you need are great drink recipes and a fun attitude. There are literally hundreds of cocktails that are delicious, inexpensive and can be made in a few simple steps.

Total alcoholic beverage sales in the United States amounted to approximately $211.6 billion.  One of the most popular spirits was whiskey.  The demand was so great that companies like Wild Turkey struggled to keep up with orders. With the popularity among both genders for this drink, you might want to consider this impressive drink:

Whiskey Recipes

Blue Lightning

This two-step Blue Lightning cocktail drink recipe will transport your guests to the warm breezes of island life. Plus, it is simple and quick to make.  But don’t be fooled. You’ll impress your friends with the sweet Blue Curacao ingredient.  It is flavored from the dried peel of bitter oranges, lemons and curacao fruit. The Caribbean island of Curacao is host to much of the fruit used in these liqueurs. One sip of this cocktail and your friends will believe they are sipping a drink from the island.

Minty Lime Kombucha

For your health conscious friends, we offer this Minty Lime Kombucha cocktail. The combination of whiskey, citrus, mint, and Kombucha come together in a tasty drink that is full of life.  The Kombucha offers a healthy boost of energy, or so we are told. But don’t worry, the Kombucha lends its effervescence to the drink, but doesn't overpower it.

Liberal Cocktail

The Liberal cocktail recipe is an old classic drink that deserves to be revived. Featuring the spiciness of rye whiskey with sweet vermouth, Amer Torani and orange bitters, this is a sophisticated, yet not expensive, cocktail. Try this one the next time you want to impress your pals.  They may find it difficult to believe you pulled off this unique drink recipe.

Slushy Milk Punch

This whiskey Slushy Milk Punch cocktail recipe is like eating ice cream while getting a buzz. Perfect as at the end of Saturday night out or as a nightcap, it will surely impress your friends.

More Than Just Whiskey Cocktails

Bellocq White Nixon Margarita

Margaritas are a favorite for just about everyone.  For your upscale group of friends, impress them with the refined, yet low-cost Bellocq White Nixon Margarita drink recipe. This cocktail recipe creates a chilled margarita perfect for warm weather.  Highlights include White Nixon tea from Bellocq, Ruby Red grapefruit juice and a healthy dash of lime juice. Bellocq is a Brooklyn based tea company created for the sophisticated, modern customer. A bit fancy and frou-frou, but still a margarita at heart.

Negroni Gin Martini

A good martini is a cocktail staple. All you need for this drink recipe is gin and vermouth. Put it in a shaker with ice, give it a good tumble and pour the mixture into a glass with a lemon twist. Now with just one more ingredient than a gin martini cocktail, you can really impress your buddies. A classic Negroni is one part gin, one part sweet (red) vermouth, and one part Campari. Add these ingredients to a glass over ice and top with an orange twist. It’s perfectly balanced and tastes great: a little bit sweet, a little bit bitter, and a lot bit boozy.

Aviation Cocktail

If you or your friends have decided they don’t like gin, the Aviation Cocktail recipe may change your mind. Aviation belongs to an entirely new category of dry gins and delivers a balance of botanicals to capture the lushness, spice and freshness of the Pacific Northwest.

Rum Cobbler

This cocktail recipe offers a sweet way to serve up rum. If your friends are not straight liquor kinds of people, this is a fun drink recipe will let them enjoy a rum drink without shivering with every sip. The Rum Cobbler is pretty simple. The core ingredients are dark rum and club soda, with a teaspoon of superfine sugar. This is a fairly sweet, but not fruity, drink

Unique cocktail recipes are a fun way to introduce your friends to new drinks without spending a fortune. As an added bonus, with a little practice, you will also impress them with your bartending and drink mixology skills.