Join The Action: Dress To See This Summer’s Superhero Movies

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by Anne Middleton, on May 20th, 2016

2016 is shaping up to be the stellar year in movies where civil wars erupt and superheroes take off the gloves and battle it out with each other. Superman is fighting Batman. Captain America is fighting Iron Man. Deadpool is fighting anyone in his way and Apocalypse is coming to take on the X-Men. Later this year, Dr. Strange, another Marvel superhero, will hit the movie screen. Yes, it should be an excellent year for watching them on the silver screen and a good year for an excuse to dress up in superhero costumes, regardless of your age.

In case you haven’t noticed, superhero movies are all the rage and have bene dominating the summer box office. Films classified as “Comic Book Adaptations” are skyrocketing. Although the 2015 release of the Avengers: Age of Ultron starring Robert Downey, Jr. generated $459,005,868 for this one movie alone, just in the United States,  the Marvel movie with the highest grossing domestic sales remains the 2012 release of original The Avengers with $623,357,910.

Love for Superheroes

America has fallen in love with new the movie heroes based on comic book idols hitting the screen. Movie theaters are bustling with fans excited to see Captain America and other colorfully costumed adventurers who fight criminals and alien monsters for the benefit of all mankind.

Superheroes are a big deal in Hollywood, and in the last few years, movies with men and women in tights and capes have brought in big numbers at the box office. These comic book based movies have also encouraged fans of all levels to attend the showings dressed to support their favorite characters.

There are several motivating factors for donning spandex or masks at these movies. If you’re a kid, you do it for the fun and excitement.

But this love affair with the heroes of comic book civil wars has created a revival of adults wanting to join the action and show their enthusiasm.  With the appearance of Spider Man in Captain America: Civil War, some fans already have the perfect costume in the closet to wear to the premiere. It is more common than ever to see grown-ups appear at these action movies donning the costumes of Dr. Strange, Iron Man and this month’s number one superhero, Captain America.

Wearing an elaborate costume of a movie superhero or putting together a complex outfit of a fantasy civil war character demonstrates the fierce love for a particular character while receiving the admiration of peers and other super fans. Age is not an issue as movie premiers find 10 year olds and 50 year old fans dressed to impress.

Looking up to superheroes is a common phenomenon that has been part of multiple generations. Some people feel like they can do things beyond themselves when dressed as one of their heroes. Others like to honor the integrity, values and actions of a particular protagonist.

There are also different levels to support the roles of Captain America, Dr. Strange or a favorite movie champion.  Some devotees go for a complete costume, while others give a more subtle nod to their favorite character with some themed accessories.

For example, instead of wearing a full Captain America bodysuit to show love for a favorite superhero, a devoted follower can simply stroll into the theater sporting a retro Captain America t-shirt and everyone will know whose side they are on.

Mostly it is just about having fun. Grown-ups don’t have to sit on the sidelines any longer since all types of die-hard fans will be showing up for these movies in costumes.

Future Growth Potential

By the year 2019, it is estimated that total movie revenue in the United States will reach $13.5 billion and a significant component will be the superhero blockbuster trend which shows no signs of slowing down. 

Look for more comic book civil wars and larger than life superheroes such as Dr. Strange and Captain America in your movie theaters for many, many years to come. And it is likely fans will continue to appear in costume to show spirit and support for their favorite character.

Just be sure to take off the mask when enjoying the movie!