Keep Warm And Stay Stylish

Keep warm and stay stylish with these fantastic tips. Click here to find out more!

by Anne Middleton, on January 21st, 2016

Just because you’re bundling up to insulate yourself from the cold doesn’t mean you can’t look hot.  There may be a pile of ugly sweaters hiding in the recesses of your closet, but with a little flair and a peek into winter fashion trends at top fashion houses, you can get outfitted for winter in style.  Here’s some winter fashion tips and tidbits to keep you warm and looking hot all winter long.

1. Belt that coat.  Belting your coat will give you a waist under that chunky coat. It will also revamp the look of that tired old coat.  The right belt can tie together your outfit.  Use a Banana Republic coupon to save on a belt you’ll love.  They are season-less, so buy now and enjoy a great belt all year long.

2. Layer, layer, layer.  Love a particular dress? Wear it with tights or jeggings.  Put a vest on over that turtleneck.  Layer shirts and camisoles.

3. Choose a great winter hat.  More than just functional fashion, a great hat can make an amazing impression.

4. Don’t skimp on scarves. Tired of looping those bulky knitted scarves around your neck?  Wear a lighter scarf on your head or tie it like a tie.  Instead of wearing a neutral scarf, choose one that reflects your personality.  Look at fur mufflers too.  Americans spend $550 million on scarves and mufflers, so you won’t be wearing one alone.

5. Wear faux fur.  Winter is the only time of year you can really get away with wearing faux fur, so take advantage of it.  Snowy white furs were dominant on Parisian red carpets. You will still need to be vigilant about making sure clothes with faux fur are cruelty-free. Some manufacturers exploited loopholes on fur labeling that did not require them to report their use of real fur valued under $150, which would be the equivalent of thirty rabbits, three raccoons, three red foxes, three domestic dogs, or one bear. So, enjoy wearing faux fur, but be sure you get your faux fur from an ethical brand committed to animal welfare.

6. Stripes are in. Usually summery and a bit nautical, designers trotted out Breton stripes this winter. Breton stripes have been a French favorite since 1858 and continue to be popular decade after decade.

7. Keep shining.  Sequins remain popular even after the holidays.  If you’re not looking to shine from head to toe, check out Steve Madden Sequin Infinity Scarves available online from Bealls.

8. Learn your geometry.  Geometric prints continue to enthrall designers, especially in edgy, contrast-y white and black.  Be a walking, Escher-esque, optical illusion this winter. 

9. Strut in those boots.  Make boots the star of your outfit if you go on an outing.  A pair of slinky boots can transform a so-so outfit to “wow”.

10. Discipline yourself to be better dressed.  Military touches and vinyl are both in.  Long reefer coats are a nod to the military motif, while other designers opted for stark vinyl. 

11. Look riveting.   Rivets accented many pieces, which may be a nod to Star Wars and our general curiosity about the future and space exploration.

These 11 tips will keep you fashion-forward all winter long.  Whether or not the ground hog sees his shadow, you’ll want to have a wardrobe ready to beat the winter blues for the duration.  Rethink your winter wardrobe and get a new perspective this winter.  Our codes will help you save on all your fashion needs regardless of season, so shop online and save.