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Kettlebell Workouts

by Anne Middleton, on September 23rd, 2015

Something good may have come out of Soviet-era Russia:  kettlebells.  You may have seen them at the gym, canon-ball shaped weights that have a handle.  They’ve been amassing in gyms lately as the fitness craze du jour and I decided to investigate on my own. 

Kettlebells, oddly enough, were invented to measure crops in the 1700s.  Farmers using them seemed to burgeon in strength.  They got cocky and devoted whole festivals to showing off their prowess with wielding these kettlebells, aka giryas.  The Soviet Army caught on to the training regimen of these bucolic bodybuilders and started incorporating them into their physical training exercises.  They’ve been used in Russia and Europe in competition sports since the 1940s.  Kettlebells test endurance through their ballistic training that mimics farm work. 

In the Google Play Store, you should say “Da,” to the 300 Kettlebell Challenge, which teaches you the kettlebell exercises and then has you track your progress on kettlebell challenges.  I worked out with a kettlebell recently for the first time and the next day I like a master sculptor had chiseled at my thighs.  You can load the app on your Android device from T-Mobile, like the Alcatel One Touch Pixi 7.  Use our codes and get free shipping on your order of $25 or more. 

Not ready to nix the dumbbells yet?  You can mix-and-match your workouts with the Virtual Trainer app in the Apple app store. Workout with kettlebells and dumbbells in a fully customizable workout that you create for yourself.  Verizon has a dizzying array of Apple devices and get free shipping on your order using our codes. The app is like having a very patient personal trainer right in your pocket, so invest in your health with Apple and splurge on that Apple Watch too.

Ballooning in popularity in the U.S., kettlebells are really one of the good things that came from the decades-long Cold War.  Whether you’re already a kettle bell fan or thinking about taking a swing, apps can help you make the most of your kettlebell workout.  Use our codes to help you save on great mobile devices.  Say “Da,” to savings and to kettlebells.