verizon kindergarten classroom

Kindergarten Day!

by Anne Middleton, on April 16th, 2015

April 21 is Kindergarten day.  ABCs and 123s are the nuts and bolts of kindergarten.  Though your wee one might just be learning the very basics, they’re not relying on those ancient implements of blocks that your teachers taught you with.  Today’s kindergarteners have been born into an age of tech savvy and programmers have been taking advantage of this—and you can too.

Your wunderkind may be curious about your tablet or phone.  Why not?  It’s shiny, talks and seems like a very expensive toy.  Tablets don’t have to be all work and no play.  There’s some great apps out there for kids and tweens.  Tired of culling through coloring books at your local big box retail store?  Is your babe a multi-talented, artistic, right brain leaning performance artist in training?  Opt for Crayola Color, Draw and Sing on iOs!  For $5 you’ll get hours of entertainment and save paper and crayon mess.  Use our codes and save more with $50 off and free shipping on select phones and devices by Verizon.

Did you know that Nick Jr, Sesame Street and other great children’s programming are readily available by subscription on YouTube?  No more awkward silences cruising in the family station wagon!   The YouTube App is available on most tablet devices, so it’s easy to squeeze in a little extra educational programming while rolling down the road from playgroup to soccer practice.  Feeling extraordinaire?  Cultivate a young Francophile with the Gus on the Go App, which teaches les petites French.  With T-Mobile, get free shipping using our codes so you can save up for a French excursion.  Bon voyage!

Kindergarten is less “garden” and more of a tech toolbox these days.  Sure, you’ll still need the obligatory finger paints and blocks, but now you have oodles of educating, engaging entertainment available through app stores.  Our codes will help you save and enable your wunderkind to flourish.