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Knowledge is Power!

by Anne Middleton, on July 22nd, 2015

In an attempt to assist the American fast-food lovers steer toward the healthiest options at these greasy drive-throughs, our legislators have passed regulations requiring any eating establishment with over 20 locations to post the calorie counts in an easily visible location.

(As a side note, we are not actually convinced that this was done in the public interest or whether it was concocted to increase our guilt of eating out).

You might have faith in your fellow citizens that having easy access to calorie counts should encourage your friends and family members to make nourishing food choices at these food businesses with questionable nutritious meals. 

Guess again.

A newly published research study found that although 60% of people noticed the calorie menu labels on calories, only 16% reported using the labels to determine their food and beverage choices. It seems to be slightly insane that so many of us avoid the true facts of what we ingest.  But this calorie information is not the only vital information we ignore in our daily lives.

Increasingly, the nightly news leads their broadcast with the disastrous news that some groups of individuals have experienced identity theft and the hacking of personal information. But it doesn’t always have to be that way.  Don’t turn away from the truth: it is absolutely necessary to secure your data on all your technological gadgets.

Become informed! And just as critical, take action!

Bitdefender software can preserve the safety of financial information. Aside from its powerful anti-virus capability, it is equipped with anti-spyware, anti-theft, safe banking and even ID theft protection. Efforts of these lawbreakers surfing the web are feeble when they try to penetrate BitDefender software.

Cybercriminals are no match for Norton’s products that shield personal data from villains traversing the world wide web. This intimidating program from Norton can block fake web sites from tricking you into revealing and disclosing delicate intelligence.  Essentially, consumers of Norton’s software have the capability of locking their machines from prying eyes.

As a leader and pioneer in the category, McAfee anti-virus software effortlessly defends electronic devices.  But should the nasty consequences of having your documents penetrated by wicked scoundrels, McAfee provides unpretentious identity theft solutions. McAfee’s monitoring techniques, coupled with timely email alerts, act like an early detection system against identity theft. 

Are you protected? Knowledge is power!