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Last Minute Travel

by Anne Middleton, on August 14th, 2015

If you’ve ever had to make a last-minute travel arrangement, you know how hectic it can be, especially when you forget your toothbrush and your phone charger.  Whether you’re a jet-setter or a homebody, it’s always good to prepare for those pesky times in life that you have to travel unexpectedly.  Two things I’ve learned from traveling is to expect the unexpected and have a packing list prepared. 

You may have heard of Cortana, Window’s new virtual assistant.  Cortana supports contextual awareness for airline flight scenarios and actually detects when you get an email about your flight.  She can also sleuth out if your flight is delayed and notify you.  Super helpful on high stress voyages, like in a case of bereavement, it’s great to know Cortana has your back.  The Microsoft Lumia 640 is T-Mobile premiere Windows phone, so whether you’re traveling for business, pleasure or chaos with kin, you’re sure to be on time, gate changes, delays and all.  Easier to use than frequent flier miles, get free shipping on your order of $25 or more using our codes with T-Mobile. 

Top things I forget:  toothbrush, phone charger and socks.  Everyone has items they absent-mindedly neglect to pack. Especially if you are sojourning last-minute, it’s perspicacious to have a pre-made travel list, that way you can focus on the unusual tchotchkes you need to tow with you.  Trip List is the ultimate packing and travel to-do manager.  It’s been lauded as one of Apple’s “Best Travel Apps” in over 18 countries and for good reason.  Did you get Fluffy a pet sitter?  Did you print your boarding pass?  The app will remind you to do all of these things, that way when you get swept up in the whirl-wind of last minute travel, you’ll be unflappable.  Verizon offers up to 50% off accessories using our codes, so accessorize your new Iphone from Verizon and get it plane-ready. 

Whether you’re taking a road trip or an intercontinental excursion, it’s all too common to leave out something important when packing, especially if you’re stressed.  Be proactive and get your phone and your tablet travel ready and if you’re carrying around an old, clunky flip phone, upgrade!  Traveling is hard enough.  Use mobile technology to facilitate your journeys using our codes to save.