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Left-Handers Day

by Anne Middleton, on August 18th, 2015

Your left-handed friend is sinister, that is if you lived in ancient Rome.  August 13th was designated as Left-Handers Day, so show some love to the southpaw in the family.  While only being 10% of the population, lefties have had a huge impact on human history.

Famous lefties, a short list:

Isaac Newton. Albert Einstein. Joan of Arc. Pablo Picasso. Michelangelo. Aristotle. Julia Roberts. Bill Gates. Tina Fey. Leonardo Da Vinci. Chaplin. Henry Ford. Paul McCartney. Beethoven. Jennifer Lawrence. Mark Twain. Babe Ruth. Julius Caesar. Harpo Marx. Jimi Hendrix. Marilyn Monroe. Friedrich Nietzsche. Paul Simon. Oprah Winfrey. Charlie Chaplin. Bart Simpson. Charlemagne. Jim Henson. Sting. Ghandi. Bob Dylan.

Yes, that’s a short list.  There were many lefties left to mention. 

Now, let’s focus on one stand-out southpaw in particular: Bill Gates, the wealthiest man on the known galaxy.  Gates is the ultimate adapter.  You may love Microsoft or hate it, but if you want your Windows products on an Ipad you can have it.  Gates seems non-doctrinaire about this.  

If you’ve been a PC user your whole life and not sure if you fully want to buy into Apple platforms, there is Office for Ipad, a viable compromise option for those curious about iOs, but acclimated to Microsoft.  Verizon has great incentives on any new device you’d covet.  They’re offering 50% accessories too, using our codes.

Veteran Windows users may want to check out the range of Windows phones currently on the market.  Love the tiles on your computer’s home screen?  How about having your phone work seamlessly with your PC via One Drive.  T-Mobile stocks the Microsoft Lumia 640 smart phone.  Featuring built-in popular Microsoft services like Skype, X-Box, Cortana, Office and more, you’ll feel like you have a Lilliputian version of your PC in your hand.  T-Mobile will give you free shipping on your order of $25 or more using our codes.

There’s nothing sinister about using our codes to save.  Lefties are famed for their smarts and expansive, a-linear modes of thinking!