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Let’s Talk Baggage

by Anne Middleton, on July 29th, 2015

The next time a prospective love interest asks you if you have baggage, unflappably say “Yes, and I love to travel.”  If you’re at the crux of a burgeoning relationship whether you’re contemplating whether to make the long haul or not, it might be time to take a road trip and bring your baggage with you.  And no, this is not your psycho-emotional, shrink-worthy baggage.  A road trip offers a few things:  long hours together alone (to see if any homicidal ideations pop up) and getting out of your comfort zone (helps you to keep it real).  Now let’s talk baggage.

I took one of my first boyfriends on a road trip through rural South Texas.  He was from the suburbs out of Houston, and never been anywhere rural.  He’d never been in the hinterland and the hinterland was deeply part of me.  He did nothing but complain about the barrenness, the preponderance of bovine, the not-so-haute food, how bored he was.  I found out I hated his taste in music.  It was over for us soon after. I thank my lucky stars that we took that road trip because we could have careened towards a disastrous future if I hadn’t known how much he’d kvetch.  4 Wheel Parts offers the Poison Spyder Purse which is typifies how I felt about the relationship:  it was a poisonous spider that almost netted me.  Check out the purse at 4 Wheel Parts and get 5% off using our codes.

A few years later, I had a beau that took me to Chicago and after almost getting stranded nearly 40 miles outside of the city in a torrential downpour, I learned that I need a mate that’s better at crisis and logistics management.  The ARB Cargo Gear Storm Bag from 4 Wheel Drive would have been ideal to brave that deluge.  We didn’t break up upon returning home, but the trip taught me a lot about him and him, me.  4 Wheel Drive has an array of bags and you can get 5% off your order using the codes.  Now all you have to do is decode that pesky boyfriend’s behavior!

Sometimes, even the thought of taking a trip with someone makes you cringe and then you know it’s time to get out of the relationship.  I was casually seeing braggart real estate prospector.  He kept wanting to take me to the ski slopes at Big Bear Lake.  We had been seeing each other less than a month.  He pestered me about it in the most eldritch way and I finally stopped returning his calls and texts.  Frankly, I didn’t want to end up on a Missing Persons flier.  Ladies, get a Rugged Ridge Storage bag for the car from Auto Parts Warehouse and stash some pepper spray in there.  With 5% off your order using our codes, it’s worth it. 

Now, it’s time to take the steady boyfriend on an adventure and see if he’s marriageable.  His car tends to get a little messy, so an AutoCraft Deluxe Litter Bag from Advance Auto Parts will be called for.  Let’s see if he can cultivate a new habit!  His road rage has diminished since courting me, especially when I would scream “Stop trying to kill us!”  The prices at Advance Auto won’t slay you either, because you’ll get 20% off your order using our Advance Auto Parts coupons.

We all have baggage.  It’s how we deal with it that counts.  If you need a litmus test for your relationship, try a road trip.  I’ve learned so much about my suitors from the long stretches spent on the open road.  Use our codes and get the right kind of baggage in your relationship.