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Lists are Not Just for David Letterman

by Anne Middleton, on April 10th, 2015

Janie always recognized that she would be a wedding planner.  She absolutely thrives on organizing people, events, kitchen cabinets, toys, office supplies, recipes, laundry, shoes and just about anything that will sit still long enough for her to categorize.

And Janie loves lists. Most of all, she loves crossing out completed items from her lists.  She treasures her lists as if they were her children (which also appeared on one of her “to do” lists several years ago). 

When you ask her why she loves lists, she has a list of her top 10 reasons:

1. Lists are practical, linear and get right to the point without any diversions or nonsense.  She is a sensible gal and doesn’t let the grass grow under her feet.  Her motto is “busy hands are happy hands” and wasting time in her mind is sinful.

2. Lists are familiar and have been a component of our lives since we were tiny tykes.  Our moms created grocery lists, developed Christmas lists, and produced endless lists of who we were obligated to write thank you notes to for our birthday gifts.

3. Lists relieve stress and focus the mind, which is critical for a professional and successful wedding planner.

4. In our world of shrinking attention spans, a list keeps our minds moving forward and clearly identifies what comes next without taxing our brains.

5. Lists provide order in an disorderly society and instill a perceived emotion of control in our daily lives.

6. We especially treasure lists that rank our “favorites” or “most bizarre occurrences” to generate heated discussions with family and friends (for example, the top 10 Curling Teams from the Olympic Games or the Worst 5 Movies of All Time or the 10 Most Disastrous First Dates).

7. Lists bring order to chaos.  In our fast-paced, information overloaded existence, it always appears that “more is better.” A list can bring comfort and reassurance and assist us in managing our tumultuous world.

8. Lists propel us forward and keep us from procrastinating. Lists grant us a roadmap on the proper manner in which to tackle our projects one-by-one.  Because of logical lists, we actually get things done!

9. Lists allow us remember and organize our thoughts, and what human doesn’t need this often absent trait?

10. Lists encourage us to honor our commitments.  If meeting your buddy for a workout is indicated on your “to do” list for Friday, you have no excuse for ditching the event.

David Letterman’s nightly top 10 lists have nothing on Janie.  Letterman’s list may make us chuckle, but her Top 10 Lists are simply unsurpassed. 

Regardless of their background, both these two diverse individuals are apt to find the perfect position on if they ever want to consider searching for a new career. 

In fact, since David Letterman is retiring this year, perhaps he will be utilizing the broad spectrum of information on this global job website.