the madness of knitting

The Madness Of Knitting

by Anne Middleton, on November 9th, 2015

No matter what city, state or country you reside in, it is not uncommon to see a middle-aged woman intently intertwining two needles in the effort to create a masterpiece from yarn.

Most of us have either received or know someone who has been presented with a “loving hands from home” garment created by their aunt, mother or grandmother.

But no longer are afghans or sweaters that are woven the only merchandise that appears from knitting. We were astonished to see these innovative items constructed from simple threads.

• Knitted Cactus: No need to fret if you do not possess a green thumb.  Simply knit yourself a cactus and place it in a pot.  No watering required.  These wonderful woolly cacti will last much longer than the real thing, plus they always remain “perfectly prickle-free.” You can even produce a rainbow cactus which Mother Nature could never envision.

• Knitted Full Body Suit for Men: Think of this as a huge cable sweater with legs.  If a standard sweater itches, we wonder how a guy would tolerate this fabric touching his entire body.

• Knitted Leotard:  Yes, there are professional patterns available for generating interlaced leotards.  But beware.  They may rub in all the wrong places.

• Knitted Air Stream Trailer Cover:  It is perfectly understandable if you doubt the validity of this monstrous knitting project, but there is visual evidence to support its’ existence.  Clearly someone with a gargantuan amount of free time found it personally satisfying to knit enough squares to piece together to cover their entire trailer in a multitude of colors and patterns.

• Knitted Lampshades: Stunning that these are far more common than we expected. Patterns for tiered versions, round shaped, ombre versions, striped…it seems the design opportunities are infinite.  But what danger lurks if the light bulb gets too hot?  Oops.

• Knitted Rock Cozies: Because even rocks need sweaters.

According to the Yarn Craft Council, over 53 million Americans know how to handle those long, intimidating needles that click and clank and result in spectacular, and somewhat odd, objects.

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