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Maintaining Luke & Laura’s Lineage

by Anne Middleton, on March 31st, 2015

Are you one of the trillions of soap opera devotees who schedule lunch breaks, school courses and parental responsibilities around viewing daytime dramas?  Although some major networks no longer televise this fantasy afternoon delight programming, these daylight productions maintain their immense popularity worldwide. We have always wondered, "how the heck do the writers keep all the characters' relationships from overlapping?  How do the evil twins not end up married or worse?"

Technology to the Rescue

The dawn of electronic devices has become the best friend of the soap opera dramaturges. Spreadsheets, flow charts and diagrams ease the weary task of identifying all the individuals on a family tree and assure there are no naughty interactions. 

Without the benefit of computer programs to easily update new and current characters and their twisted relationships, there would exist even more bizarre and convoluted interactions than already occur.

For example, super soap opera couple Luke and Laura Spencer is part of the first family in daytime television. Their appearance on endless episodes of General Hospital is a fan favorite across numerous generations .

As of 2014, four different generations of Spencers were represented on the program with eight different characters having been written off as “deceased.”

Ah ha….but are these personalities really gone and buried forever?  As all daytime drama lovers understand, the absence of a dead actor is not always permanent, so stay tuned.  You never know who will arise through the miracle of television medicine or reappear as a look-alike cousin.

Keeping it Interesting
The authors of these scripts have an overwhelming job to keep the public interested, include wacky relationships (within the realm of possibilities) and maintain fresh story lines.

To assure everything is kept consistent, protection of their software is paramount.  If just one crazed fan hacked the studio computer and successfully altered the data, it would be catastrophic.  Messing with the chronicles of which stars are married and which are participating in incestuous relationships, would be virtually impossible to recreate.

Thank goodness antivirus software developed by McAfee defends against cyber intruders. McAfee provides top-notched security for both Windows and Mac devices. Their antivirus software even encrypts critical business information so no television character features can be modified without permission.

Bitdefender performs just as it name presents….it defends electronic devices against evil invaders who attempt to trespass into valuable and precious files. Bitdefender is easy-to-use, easy to install and most importantly, simple to understand.

Often, freelancers are employed by studios to contribute fresh concepts to these never ending scripts.  These independent contractors operate with multiple devices when creating their brilliant plot twists.  Norton understands the necessity for shielding all types of technological gadgets from harm. Their software has been developed to keeping smartphones and tablets safe from loss and privacy concerns, as well as shielding laptops and desktops from online threats.

So rest easy, soap opera addicts.  The lineage of Luke and Laura and your beloved daytime drama stars are safe and secure when protected by these premiere antivirus guardians.