Make Him Glad He’s Your Dad

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by Anne Middleton, on May 18th, 2016

Father’s Day can be a tough one when it comes to finding ways to spoil your dad. Of course you could just pick him up another tie or “World’s Best Dad” coffee mug and you would probably receive a big hug from your Pop. But why not get him something unique this year? Experiences can make a long lasting memory and often will make Father’s Day happier than just getting more “things.” Whether it is a restaurant with Dad’s favorite food or an outing in the woods, it is no wonder that the most favorite gift is family time together.

Trampoline Park

Allow your dad to be a kid again and bounce around on Father’s Day. Celebrating this special occasion by jumping into pits filled with 10,000 foam cubes or dunking like a pro on trampoline basketball courts will deliver endless joy for the entirely family.  And when you’re done jumping, most facilities have a restaurant on-site and fun food so Dad doesn’t have to do any extra driving on Father’s Day.

Polo Matches

The best events on Father’s Day are those which are unique or focus on something your Dad enjoys, but rarely undertakes.  If he loves horses and the outdoors, then tickets to a Polo Match might just be the best unconventional way to celebrate.

Polo is one of the fastest sports where balls travel up to 110 miles per hour so no one will be bored watching this ninety minute competition. Besides, Polo is known as “the sport of kings” and every Dad deserves to feel exceptional on Father’s Day.

Escape Adventure

Working together on something with a fun reward at the end is a gift every Dad would appreciate on Father’s Day.  Try an Escape Adventure which has popped up all over the country.  During this Father’s Day event, your entire family can work together to  solve a series of puzzles to find your way out of a room or a maze of rooms and escape with the clock ticking down. Although these games are challenging, don't worry, you'll have loads of hilarity whether you escape or not.

Outdoor Mazes

Speaking of mazes, nothing says fun on a warm summer day than finding your way through a maze in the sunny outdoors. Corn or hay mazes are giant “human sized” puzzles that you can actually walk through. Farms take their fields and cut paths into them, but to add more of a challenge there are loops and dead ends to get you lost. And since the corn is usually taller than you are, it is easy to get confused. Imagine the laughter and chuckles you’ll experience with your Dad trying to wind your way out of this predicament.

Indoor Skydiving

Now Dad can feel like he’s flying on Father’s Day! Just about every city offers indoor skydiving.  It’s an experience where Dad can enjoy the free-fall aspect of skydiving without the risk. Fast wind, padded walls and a safety net will make for an unconventional Father’s Day celebration.  Just don’t consume too much food before your fly.

Searching on Two Wheels

You may need some help from mom, but a scavenger hunt on a bike ride with Dad can create a Father’s Day memory and provide a foundation for an annual tradition to celebrate Father’s Day. Spending the day cruising around on two wheels is with this bicycle scavenger hunt can result in laughs and loads of giggles.

Movie and Fun Food

Ordering from a restaurant or making Dad's favorite food (like a pizza or sandwich) along with a family-friendly flick is the perfect ending to a fantastic Father's Day. Especially great with young kids, they can even help out in the kitchen preparing Dad’s favorite foods.

Good Eats

According to statistics from the National Restaurant Association 67% of families will choose to dine out for dinner on Father’s Day.  The trick is to choose the restaurant that will make your Dad happiest (not just one with chicken nuggets for the kids).

If your dad is a serious meat eater and wants to dive into an epic steak, choose a restaurant famous for their beef.  Are you a family that enjoys sharing?  Then hop over to a Chinese restaurant where food can be ordered to share and chopsticks will provide Dad will a challenge to eat every grain of rice. If pizza is a family favorite, there are several restaurants that allow customers to build their own pie and choose the ingredients themselves.

Nostalgic Sweets

The nostalgia factor always scores big in gift-giving, so transport dad back to the good old' days with sweet treats from the time when he grew up. Vintage candies like Sweetarts, Bazooka Bubble Gum, Cracker Jacks and Pop Rocks will transport your Dad back to a simpler time and is sure to bring joy and a smile on Father’s Day.

Customized Smartphone Case

Topping off a fun adventure with a unique gift can make Father’s Day extraordinary.  Consider a useful, yet unconventional gift for Dad like a custom case for his smartphone.  Unlike a photo that he can swipe on his mobile device, a case that features a family photo provides a reminder of his biggest fans…his kids.

More Cool, Less Dork

Does your Dad put on a pair of plastic rimmed sunglasses when he drives your carpool?  Help him out with a pair of stylish Oakley sunglasses. Oakley is one of the best sunglasses makers out there, offering lightweight frames, total comfort, style and UV protection.

No matter how you choose to celebrate this Father’s Day, remember to give thought to what makes your Dad happy. The experiences you share, the restaurant you choose, the food you eat together should reflect this day of celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood.