Make Your Bathroom A Retreat

Click here for a few ideas to make your bathroom a retreat!

by Anne Middleton, on January 19th, 2016

If you’re tired of jaunting to overpriced spas, invest a little time in making your very own spa at home.  You don’t even have to remodel to bring a little luxury to bath time.  Here are a few ideas to make your bathroom a retreat and will make you not want to retreat from it!

Say Bye to Plastic Accessories

You don’t have to live in a mansion to have great bath accessories.  Trade in those cheap plastic trays and soap holders for something classier.  We have Bed Bath and Beyond coupons to help you afford great bath accoutrements like the Montecito Marble Tray. 

Say Bye to Plastic in Your Bath Soap

Microbeads were causing a big problem for our nation’s waterways by clogging them with microscopic plastic beads that our water systems weren’t equipped to filtrate properly.  According to an estimate from the United Nations Environment Program, a typical exfoliating shower gel might contain as much plastic in microbead form as there is in its plastic container.  Organic bath products will have natural exfoliates like pumice, salt, sugar and walnut shells and are a much better option when equipping your home spa with the best products available. For the best bath products, go to Bath and Body Works and use our Bath and Body Works coupons to get luxurious products like the Lavender Chamomile sugar scrub. 

Add a little Zen to the Bathroom 

Who says you need to lay on a yoga mat to relax?  Lighting in the bathroom is usually bright, and that’s great if you’re applying makeup or trying to wake up.  However, you don’t always want to be woken up, which is why we suggest bringing in lighting like Himalayan salt lamps to create a more tranquil atmosphere.  It’s a great, safer alternative to a candlelit bath.  Salt is hygroscopic  and can pull dust and other pollutants out of the air – just one of it’s great health benefits.  Explore Bed Bath & Beyond online to find many salt lamp options.

Say Yes to Better Towels and Robes

The fluffy robes, cushy slippers and ample towels are part of what makes the spa experience so awesome.  Bring some awesomeness to your bathroom, by splurging on some hotel spa-quality robes, towels and slippers.  Say yes to a towel warmer too!

Get Scent-ual

You may be in your own bathroom, but use scent to travel to a faraway locale.  Take your nose on a Caribbean escape or jet to Italy with a brightening limoncello scent.  There are so many scents to uplift your bathroom at Bath and Body Works, so don’t just get that bathroom clean, take it on a staycation with scent. 

Fix your Fixtures

Outdated fixtures can make being in the bathroom less fun.  Upgrading the shower head is a quick way to make you feel like you’ve booked a luxury hotel suite.  Check out the DreamSpa® Rainfall Shower Head with Adjustable Extension Arm from Bed Bath and Beyond and add some luxury to your shower experience. 

Your bathroom can be your personal paradise in your home.  The bathroom is the one place in your home where you can really treat yourself.  Only the best bath products will do.  Take into account the whole body experience, energizing your sense of smell and touch as well.