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Make Your Job Stand Out to the Best Candidates

by Anne Middleton, on April 15th, 2014

Your goal: Find top talent effortlessly and quickly.
Monster goal: Work closely with you to achieve your goal easily and professionally. is simply the easiest online job posting service and the best way to attract elite candidates.  As the most recognized job search engine, is always “top of mind” with job seekers.  But how do you make your job stand out among all the listings and make the right candidate instantly stand out from the crowd? Here are three key ways to attract the best talent:

1. Job description
The job posting is your company’s first impression to potential candidates. puts your job requirements in a list or bullet format to make it easy read. Think of your job description as an advertisement.  Ads are intended to sell something. When you list your job, you are trying to sell your company and the position. A good advertisement recruits good people. When writing the job description, clearly present the major selling points including:
• why it’s a good job,
• what the job’s main requirements are,
• and most important a CTA (call to action) such as “click here to apply.” makes the application simple for job seekers!

It is also important to find a balance between informative and quirky. You want your job to stand out, but being strange is not the best way. Don’t put exclamation marks or dollar signs around the position title, but rather use compelling phrases that will catch the interest of the job seeker.  “Critical thinker” is better than “qualified candidate.” You want to stand out in a positive way.

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2. Promote your company
Don’t be reluctant to discuss your company culture and the benefits of working at your office.  Does your organization provide training? Why is your company a good place to work?  Will relocation be paid for or will only local candidates be considered? Do you encourage creative input? Let job seekers know why working with your team (or your project) is more appealing than all the similar job opportunities out there. And be sure to include links to your website.

Just be careful to keep this brief and not get wordy.  Don’t oversell or make false promises.

3. The Latest Technology
These days, it is all about mobile technology. Whether potential candidates use their iPhone, iPad or Android device, they can easily access your job listing anytime/anywhere with the free mobile app. 

Not only can they search for jobs from their mobile devices, they can apply to the job as well.  No more hoping applicants will remember to submit their resume for a job when they return to their laptop. The Monster app allows job seekers to search and apply for jobs in seconds. 

Even better, for job seekers registered on, jobs will be emailed to the candidates, increasing your ability to reach your target audience.  Who knows, the perfect employee may not actively be searching, but now they will know about your opportunity without any work on their part!