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Making it Better

by Anne Middleton, on August 4th, 2015

I haven’t met anyone who would not welcome simple suggestions on how to make their life a bit better. Some initiatives are relatively simple…so we offer six suggestions that you can execute and achieve right now!

1. Better Breakfast, Better Grades
Published new research suggests that consuming a healthy first meal of the day positively contributes to learning. There is a powerful connection between good nutrition and good grades …and the better the breakfast, the better the grades.

In fact, scientific evidence reveals that scores in math, science and reading were approximately 25% higher when kids had access to a wholesome early morning feast.

2. Better Saving Habits, Better Lifestyle
No one is telling you not to spend your hard earned money.  But contemplate this basic fact…if you transferred just $20 a week directly into a separate savings account from your paycheck, you would have over $1000 saved at the end of year.   Even if it’s just $20 at a time, it adds up. And when the winter holidays materialize, you won’t be strapped for cash in securing gifts from Santa for your little tykes.

3. Better Speaking Cadence, Better Social Status
Did you know that individuals who speak at a slower pace are perceived by others to sound smarter?  Implement this advice…don’t rush, take a breath and you’ll appear to be the shrewdest human in the room.

4. Better Social Skills, Better Interactions
In-person interactions are becoming more and more obscure.  But we are all missing something significant by avoiding conversing with other mortals.

For example, while standing in a long grocery line or while waiting for your flight to board, strike up a dialogue with someone you have never met.  Some of the most intriguing people you’ll ever encounter will be the result of random chats.

5. Better Expectations, Better Quality of Life
Live without expectations and you’ll never be disappointed. Don't expect your boss to appreciate your extra efforts on that project, don’t expect kids to get their homework done nightly, don’t expect your spouse to say “I love you” every day, don’t expect the movie to live up to the excitement of the trailer and don't expect to live until you're 80. Yes, these milestones may transpire, but reining in expectations will avoid discontent.

6. Better Smartphone, Better Connections
By taking a moment to discover the companies with superior technology products and services, you’ll live a better life.  Verizon and T-Mobile have outstanding solutions for your electronic essentials, accompanied by superior data plans and exceptional network quality.

Better life, simpler life, happier people. We can all be better.