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Making the Most of Your Mobile Workspace

by Anne Middleton, on March 17th, 2015

Whether you are a freelancer trying to squeeze in client phone calls and emails while waiting for the kids to get out of soccer practice or an employee with a job that send you scurrying between job sites, most of us are working out of our cars more than we would like to admit. Without a cubicle to call home, being productive on the go requires the right set of tools and skills. After all, the goal is to make clients think you are a polished professional, not a lunatic balancing your laptop on the passenger seat of your Prius.

Go hands free

Everyone is waiting for a crucial client call and needs to add their voice to a team conference call. But, driving with one hand on the steering wheel and the other on your mobile device is a no-go. Even if it wasn’t illegal, the sound of you rear-ending the car in front of you isn’t likely to land you that big contract. Pick up a Bluetooth system with an Advance Auto Parts coupon and never worry about missing a call while you navigate traffic. Plus, using a hands-free device while in park means you are better able to juggle your call while balancing your laptop and notepad against the steering wheel. We’ve all been there.

Create organization

If you take your work to go often, your backseat can quickly become a disheveled mess of paperwork, notebooks and product samples. But, the first time you have to hand a potential client a rumpled contract, you may wish you had created some sort of in-car organization system for that mess. Reign in the chaos with storage solutions from 4 Wheel Drive.  A center console is sufficient for sorting frequently used pens, sticky notes and charging cables, while a truck storage box holds stacks of paperwork.

Keep track of those miles

Whether you bill the miles you drive to your clients, request reimbursement from your employer or take them as deductions on your income tax, accurately recording the miles you drive for work is essential. Between gas and vehicle upkeep, every mile on the road equates to dollars out of your pocket so you can’t afford to muddle the numbers. Use an app on your mobile phone to record each mile you drive between work site, off site meetings and other work functions. You should also have a GPS system from Auto Parts Warehouse to determine the most efficient route.

Get the right lighting

The flickering fluorescent lights in most office buildings aren’t exactly the brightest or most flattering. But, that tiny overhead light in your car isn’t either. And as every mobile worker knows, work isn’t limited to daylight hours. To prevent eye strain and typos, make sure the lighting in your car is up to the task by installing a new lighting system from 4 Wheel Parts.