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Managing Diabetes On Your Mobile

by Anne Middleton, on July 15th, 2015

If you’re diabetic, you have immense challenges, but you’re overcoming them.  Diabetes affects 8.3 percent of Americans.   About 27 percent of those with diabetes do not know they have the disease.  If you’re managing your condition, your mobile device can be a significant ally in maintaining your health. 

Now with wearable technology like the Apple Watch, you can monitor every facet of your health and well being.  The Diabetes App by BHI Technologies not only helps you to log your blood sugar readings, it’s a comprehensive system for logging your medication, activity levels, carb intake, water intake, weight and blood pressure.  Apple has definitely taken the lead on fashioning technologies to better your quality of life.  Verizon will help you stay connected with the Ipad Mini 3.  Verizon offers $50 off and free shipping using our codes.  Not only does the app store have several helpful apps, we can connect your to an Apple device from Verizon at a great price.

If you are an Android user, Google Play also has helpful apps to enhance your lifestyle while managing your diabetes.  From entrees, to sides, to deserts to breads, Recipes for Diabetes, made by the Univ. of Illinois, has a variety of tasty recipes that take into account the special nutritional considerations of diabetics.  T-Mobile offers free shipping on orders of $25 or more, allowing you to invest in a device that not only helps you communicate, but enhance your health and well-being. 

Managing diabetes is not easy, but there are tools to make it easier.  From wearables to apps, you can monitor your health like never before.  Invest in a mobile technology from T-Mobile or Verizon and put your health first.  We’ll equip you with the codes to save!