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March Into Spring

by Anne Middleton, on March 20th, 2015

March into spring by celebrating National Color Therapy Month.  Everyone can benefit from a little chroma therapy.  Revamp your shoe wardrobe by rethinking the hues of your shoes.  Use our promo codes to save while ushering a new you.  If that shoe fits, don’t just wear it, strut around in it.

Without getting into the heavy science of color, colors are first divided into two groups, warm and cool.  Blues, greens and purples, all of which are sea tones, are classified as cool and greens and purples are derived from a combination of blue and another color.  Cool tones sooth, cool, and calm.  So, for the crazy, type A, brash executive, throw some cool tones into the wardrobe.  The Mystique Embellished Sandal from Boston Proper is perfect for the superwoman in your life who’s the empress of her own business empire.  Though her inbox (or yours) might already be swelling, it’s worth it to save 10% off your order when you sign up from email from Boston Proper.

Warm colors are fiery—reds, oranges and yellows.  These are colors that rev you up, inciting and emboldening.  If you have someone who’s the Eeyore of your life, then warm tones are just what’s needed to propel them out of their rut.  The uber comfy Dakota Swirl by UGG will help that laggard in your life pick up the pace when you get it for them in a spicy paprika red.  With free, two-day shipping using our codes, what’s not to love?  Or if you’re an athlete who needs that extra oomph on the court or the field, opt for something like the Nike Tiempo Legacy iD women’s soccer cleat in their gorgeous saturated neon coral and red.  It is the perfect shoe for the competitive edge.  Get free shipping on those Nike’s when you place an order online for over $75. 

Sometimes, we just need balance.  If you’ve ever driven yourself batty when you’ve talked too much and too little at the same time, you need to use color to help achieve balance.  Converse has a mesmerizing solution, sneakers that are fully customizable.  Pair opposing colors on the color wheel to cultivate that much needed balance:  red/green, orange/blue, yellow/purple.  Need to calm jitters but still be charming?  Consider pairing blue and orange.  Need to put yourself first but still be open to others, couple up green and pink.  Need to trust your intuition but stick to your agenda?  There’s no better duo for that than yellow and purple.  Check out Converse’s site and customize to your heart’s content—after all you have $5.95 flat rate shipping from

Expand your rainbow of shoes and put a spring in your step using color therapy principals.  Use warm tones to walk your talk, cool tones to allow others their space or pair both to strike a balance.  Break up that sea of beiges, browns, blacks, whites and navy in your shoe wardrobe.  Add a splash of color for Color Therapy Month and use our promo codes to save!