Mattress Deals and Steals

The comfort of your mattress has a direct effect on your health and your ability to get a perfect night’s sleep. If it’s time to replace your lumpy, old bed, use these tips, mattress deals, and coupons, to get your perfect mattress at a discounted price.

by PromoCodesForYou, on February 4th, 2021

Sleep is crucial for maintaining good health. Regular, quality rest is essential in keeping your body functioning efficiently, both physically and mentally.


But if you are having trouble sleeping at night, you are not alone.

• A third of US adults report that they usually get less than the recommended amount of sleep
35 percent of Americans report their sleep quality as “poor” or “only fair”


The Importance of a Mattress for Optimum Sleep
It’s true that most people experience difficulty sleeping at some point in their lives.  There are many possible reasons for sleeplessness, including bedtime habits, lifestyle choices, and medical conditions. However, one of the most common causes for a poor night’s rest is having the wrong mattress.


A lumpy, old, or saggy mattress can leave you tossing and turning for hours. In order to get the sleep your body needs, your bedroom should be an oasis of calm and tranquility. And that includes having a comfy mattress.


Optimizing Mattress Selection
A good night’s sleep starts with the right bed. The reputable Consumer Reports has published general guidelines to help you choose the proper mattress. However, most experts agree that when it comes to mattress selection, personal preference and satisfaction is the rule. Some people prefer the firmness of a harder bed, while others are more at ease on a soft mattress.


Regardless of which style and mattress you desire, there is no need to overpay.  There are mattress deals today that will keep this major purchase within your budget. You can easily find deals that range between 10 percent and 25 percent off. That might not seem like much, but it can translate to hundreds of dollars in savings where high-ticketed mattresses are concerned.


In addition to great discounts, you can also land freebies like adjustable bed frames, pillows, mattress toppers, and free shipping that are frequently thrown in when you buy a mattress.


Best Place for Mattress Deals
If you’re wondering where to get good mattress deals, we’ve gathered together discounts and savings on beds, from budget to luxury to fully adjustable models.


Nest Bedding. Visit the sale page of this superior sleep company and you’ll find some great mattress deals online. Nest has mattresses in just about every configuration. There are designs for cribs, “big kids,” stomach or back sleepers, styles to stay hot or cold, and even pet beds. Every option is engineered to provide the ultimate peaceful sleep experience. The company is so sure you will agree that Nest is the best, that they offer 100 nights free trial. Use the Nest Bedding Love & Sleep coupon for extra savings, no matter what size you choose.


Leesa.  This leader in foam mattresses wants you to know that their beds deliver comfort for all sleeping positions. Side sleepers will especially love the design because of the pressure relief it offers while its innerspring layer provides a subtle bounce. There are always great deals, but when you bundle Leesa items together, you can save up to 800 dollars!


Purple. This “Bed-in-a-Box” offers perfectly supported sleep with a patented sleeping surface. When you purchase a mattress on their website, you will also receive over 180 dollars in free gifts to complete your bedroom makeover. Purple sells bedding options and pillows, too. In fact, Purple has everything you need for a restful night’s sleep, including pajamas! Save 20 percent for a limited time when you purchase products together on their website. The savings won’t stop there. PromoCodesForYou.com has loads of discount codes to keep you on a budget so you can sleep at night.


Casper. When it’s time for saving money, the place to go is Casper and their “last call” offers. You’ll save over $900 on these previous models and you won’t even notice the difference, except for the extra money in your wallet. But if you absolutely must have the most current designs, you can still get great deals. Their Element model with innovative cooling technology can be bought at the amazing price of under $400 in the twin size.


• Nectar. When you need a little more reassurance about your mattress purchase, turn to Nectar. They have a “forever” warranty and a full year trial period. That’s 365 nights to give it a try. Right now, you can save up to $400 on a super-sized California King mattress. Plus, purchasing a Nectar foundation for your new mattress will keep an extra $150 in your pocket and give you peace of mind for a good night’s slumber.


Big Box Can Be Best
When you’re in the market for a new mattress, don’t overlook the big box stores.  They usually carry a wide range of brands and have super savings for some of the best mattress deals right now.


Macy’s. You can shop for mattresses from all the leading brands at many of the 500+ stores nationwide. There are amazing deals at over 70 percent off. Get even more discounts on your Macy's purchase with coupon codes from PromoCodesForYou.


Mattress Firm. With a focus on customer service, Mattress Firm is committed to matching you with exactly the right product. From Sealy’s to Simmons to Stearns & Foster, they offer a low-price guarantee so you always know you’re getting the best deal. Their “Hot Buys” section can save you a whopping 50 percent. And to complete your sleep experience, bed sheets and linens are also discounted with a spectacular daily deal.


Amazon. As you might expect, the mega online retailer offers a wide selection of inexpensive mattresses from various manufacturers. In addition to its own Amazon Basics brand, you’ll find products from high-ranking manufacturers such as Tuft & Needle, all at low prices and many with free delivery. But you’ll have to do most of the shopping on your own and know what you want due to the limited customer service expertise in this category.


Costco. You might not believe that you could find a decent mattress in the same place you buy giant bottles of ketchup and bundles of paper towels, but it’s true. Mattress deals at Costco include a wide collection of innerspring mattresses, hybrid, and gel memory foam mattresses, all at their well-known discounted prices.


4 Mattress Buying Tips
No matter where you shop or who has the best mattress deals, there are a few things to consider when buying a new bed:

1. The mattress should support all parts of the body including the back, shoulders, and hips


2. Adjustable beds may be helpful since you can raise or lower certain parts of the mattress and fine-tune the sleeping position for maximum comfort


3. If you share your bed, you want to minimize motion transfer so you can reduce the chance of being woken up from dreamland


4. Be sure to understand the company’s return policy, including any restocking or hidden fees, just in case your selection isn’t the right option


Seeking Help

We spend about a third of our life in bed. Life’s too short to be sleeping on an uncomfortable, worn-out mattress. It’s important to remember that your sleeping surface has a direct effect on your ability to get to sleep quickly and enjoy a full night of slumber.


But it doesn’t have to cost a lot to get the perfect mattress. Use these tips, coupons, and mattress deals to get a great bed at a discounted price.