Maximizing Your Money As A Millennial

by Anne Middleton, on December 7th, 2015

Are you a Millennial? And if you have to ask what a Millennial is, then you are likely not proud member of this youthful demographic comprised of 15 to 29 year olds.

But if you or a family member fit into this group of individuals entering into adulthood, you’ll be interested to know that YouthfulCities has compiled a list of the most affordable cities for growth and opportunity.

This list has a caveat, however.  In order to take advantage of the top location providing the highest minimum wage for Millennials, you’ll be required to travel half way around the world.

The Australian metropolis of Sydney topped this ranking of the most cost-friendly cities by comparing essential living expenses including:

• the cost of food
• housing
• public transit
• entertainment
• entry-level wages

The choice of Sydney might seem odd since it is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Researchers stated that one of the principal reasons Sydney fared well on YouthfulCities’ list was due to its high minimum wage.  At an average of $16.28 (U.S.) an hour, it was nearly $4 higher than the next city, Paris.

Regretfully, only two locations in the United States made the list of municipalities with the highest minimum wage for this idealistic generation:

1. Sydney
2. Paris
3. Berlin
4. San Francisco
5. Montreal
6. Toronto
7. Vancouver
8. Amsterdam
9. Tokyo
10. Los Angeles

Knowing the top ten most affordable cities in the world for young people is interesting. However, it is likely that this fresh-faced age group of growing men and women will find this additional list more enticing. 

According to this same study, the top 10 cities with the most affordable fast food, a staple survival tool for these maturing individuals, are:

1. Tehran
2. Detroit
3. Sydney
4. San Francisco
5. Tokyo
6. Los Angeles
7. Berlin
8. Paris
9. Toronto
10. Vancouver

Wherever Millennials decide to settle during the early stages of their careers, can provide valuable leads for employment worldwide. Across over 35 countries, you can search for jobs by location, by language, by career description…the possibilities are endless.

Whether you choose a foreign destination for your first occupation or someplace right at home, has opportunities to match your Millennial goals.