verizon woman meditating

Meditation Month

by Anne Middleton, on May 4th, 2015

Om…om…om.  Need to ditch the zinfandel for Zen?  Are your nerves raw?  Do you cringe when your phone rings or you’ve got an alert that you’ve received yet another text message?  May is national meditation month, a perfect month to carve your own path to bliss.  You’ll feel blissful when we hook you up with some great deals on tablets that will help you on your meditative journey.

Now, position your hands into the prayer mudra and take a deep breath, and exhale.  Allow the realization that T-Mobile is offering free shipping on all orders enter your awareness.  Now visualize your new tablet from T-Mobile, fully loaded with great apps for yoga and meditation in your hands.  Open your eyes, inhale and exhale.  Bliss is just a few clicks away using our codes.

Need some new mantras to recite on your mala?  How about some binaural beats to soothe that monkey mind? Take yourself on a spiritual voyage with a Samsung Galaxy Tab S from Verizon and receive $50 off and free shipping on select phones and devices using our codes.  You’ll be completely relaxed and centered when you use our codes shopping on

Whether you looking to tune up your chakras, quiet your mind or achieve nirvana, a good tablet can open up a portal of great meditations, whether in apps or on websites.  But you don’t have to open your wallet too much either.  Use our codes and you’ll breathe easier while pursuing your bliss.