memorable wedding anniversary gift ideas

Memorable Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

by Anne Middleton, on March 9th, 2016

Every wedding anniversary deserves special recognition. Staying married is not easy.  It takes patience, understanding and even hard work. Finding the “perfect” gift to celebrate matrimony is often a difficult task.  And when it is a “milestone wedding anniversary,” identifying the proper present can increase the stress.

The selection of wedding anniversary gifts are endless and range from gift baskets of delicious chocolate to photo frames  to vacations.  One easy way to narrow down your gift search is to do explore what the traditional and modern representations are for each year of marriage.  Your spouse will be impressed by the thoughtful effort you put into finding something that celebrate your years together.

There are gifts, however, that can be given for any year of wedded anniversary bliss. We offer three of the most appealing selections for your consideration for this annual celebration of love:

1. Jewelry

Diamonds have long been thought to be a girl’s best friend.  The truth is that all jewelry has the potential of becoming a woman’s BFF. Regardless of how long your romance has existed, most women would cherish jewelry as an outward show of affection. 

• An engagement ring can be enriched by adding a new wrap or enhancer. This extra bling offers a significant way of expressing how much your marriage means to you.

• A charm bracelet is a gift that lasts beyond just one year.  Every wedding anniversary can add a special charm like a like a heart a baby bottle or airplane charm to celebrate the occasion. You’ll be stunned at the wide range of charms available that can easily remind your loved one of a special event that took place.  Just don’t overdo it…charm bracelets can get heavy and bulky and end up in the drawer instead of the wrist.

Men like jewelry too. Watches are a fantastic gift for an anniversary, and are a reflection of the time you have spent and still have with each other.

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The staff at Kay Jewelers is empowered with the knowledge to assist each customer, while the website offers an Education Center where you can learn more about jewelry to assure you chose the perfect wedding anniversary gen. Kay Jewelers offers exceptional jewelry with great customer service. It is no surprise that they have become one of the largest specialty retail jewelers in the world.

2. Adventure Together

Novel experiences keep relationships exciting. Celebrate your wedding anniversary with an activity neither of you have done before and something you equally want to do. Then make it happen. Something as simple as wine tasting or salsa dancing and as unique as zip lining or parasailing will provide memories of your wedding anniversary that last a lifetime.

3. Feed the Soul and Body

Say, “I love you” with a whole lot of decadence by presenting your partner with the universally adored gift of chocolate. Chocolate offers many unique and delicious ways to remind your sweetheart of your wedding day. 

• Purchase numbers created in chocolate as a gift to signify the day you wed.

• Or buy chocolate sea shells to recall the joy of getting hitched at the beach.

• And the renowned company, Ghirardelli, even makes a hot chocolate mix that can conjure up the sweet thoughts of your honeymoon at the ski slopes.

Ghirardelli is a rare legacy company that understands chocolate can make your wedding anniversary unforgettable.  They offer custom tins of luscious chocolate with the sentiment “Love You to the Moon and Back” in vibrant colors. Ghirardelli also lets you be the boss and create your own chocolate oasis of love.

Domingo Ghirardelli founded this legendary chocolatier in 1852 during the California Gold Rush. Today, Ghirardelli is one of the only chocolate companies that still controls the entire chocolate manufacturing process.

Treat your darling partner to the sweetest anniversary gift of all…Ghirardelli chocolate. But before you do that, don't forget to treat yourself to a Ghirardelli coupon from PromoCodesForYou!

In Conclusion…

Whether you were married just last year or a decade ago, your anniversary is a special reminder of your wedding day and all the events you have shared along the way.

Before we go, we offer these important tips when shopping for your wedding anniversary:

• Don't forget! Write your wedding anniversary on your calendar, set an alert and do anything to assure you do not forget.

• Remember to include a card with your anniversary gift. Your hand-signed note makes every an ordinary gift become extraordinary.

• Avoid gift cards.  They communicate you didn’t put much thought into the occasion and likely stopped at the grocery store on the way home to purchase the $25 card at Starbucks.

• Steer away from giving a practical present unless you've discussed it in advance and both agree that it would make a good wedding anniversary gift. No one wants to be in the dog house on this special day.

Congratulations! Here’s to dozens and dozens more wedding anniversary celebrations!