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Mend Your Broken Heart

by Anne Middleton, on February 9th, 2015

February is National Mend A Broken Heart Month.  Has your heart been crushed?  Is your ex odious?  Need a therapeutic way to unleash the rage and the heartbreak?   Let’s expunge all these negative feelings with auto parts (and no, we are not running over your ex with a car).

If your ex was particularly damaging to your self-esteem and you need to do some positive self talk, grab 108 small gears or washers.  Advance Auto Parts will give you a great price.  Dedicate each washer or gear to represent something that you like about yourself, such as “I have pretty eyes” or “I am great at playing the didgeridoo.”  Write down one for each of those 108 gears in your journal.  The first five will be easy.  The second ten will be hard and then rest will take a lot of intense self-acceptance and soul retrieval work.  Just do it though and you’ll excavate strata of yourself that you didn’t know was there.  Want to be extra creative? String those gears up on some cord with some semi-precious stone beads and you’ve got a pretty necklace that has deep meaning for you.

Now that you’ve identified 108 cool things about yourself, pick 20 that really mean something to you at this time.  It’s time to make an “I love you collage” - a sort of vision board of rebirth and self-acceptance.  Grab a license plate frame or several.  License plate frames run the gamut from blingy to goth to garish.  It’s your frame and it’s time to re-frame your life as a new, empowered, post-breakup you!  Choose things that you like about yourself to make collages out of and also highlight where you want to go from here. Why 108?  That’s an ancient Indian secret.  Ask your local guru.  Auto Parts Warehouse has license plate frames galore for you to explore yourself with.

advance auto love yourself

If you’re awakening from years of Stepford-like existence, then perhaps a bit more self-examination is called for.  Grab a hubcap.  It’s silvery, shiny and new.  Just like you want to be—new!  Imagine that hubcap is a wheel of life, a cosmic dance and the old, outmoded soap opera is spinning away. The revivified you is spinning into existence.  Deep, right?  Make that tangible by gluing tiny symbols of what that means to you on the hub cap, making your own transformation wreath.  4 Wheel Drive will have the perfect hubcap for you.

Awaken your inner urban shaman with a rearview mirror.  A rearview mirror helps us see what’s behind us, the past.  And as that trite, but truthful saying goes, “hindsight is 20/20.”  No matter how trying your ex was, you did learn something from the relationship?  Write down all the things you learned and glue it to the rearview mirror’s plasticky shell.  Now here’s the hard part.  Be thankful for your ex.  Be thankful for all you managed to learn from them.  4 Wheel Parts will help you with the rearview mirror, but not necessarily the hindsight.

advance auto review mirror smile

Breaking up is hard to do and healing even harder.  With a little bravery and honesty on your part, and a little help saving on our part, you can do some soul-searching and “wash that man (or gal) right out of your hair.”  Mend your broken heart so that you can spring into a spring fling.