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Mercury Retrograde

by Anne Middleton, on June 3rd, 2015

Astrology enthusiasts may know that the planet Mercury is in retrograde.  What does that mean?  It means that relative to us, it appears (operative word here:  appears) the planet Mercury is traveling backwards.  It’s not, but because of planetary alignments, it looks that way.  Astrologists believe that when Mercury goes into retrograde all communications go haywire.  Perhaps it’s an email that languishes in your outbox or catty text sent to the wrong recipient.  I’ve had to replace a few cell phones over the year during a Mercury retrograde cycle, so be prepared.

Mercury retrograde started on May 18th and will last until about June 11th.  We’ve always got great incentives from T-Mobile regardless of whether it’s a retrograde or not, so check them out anytime.  Whether you’ve dropped your phone in the toilet (yes, I did that once) or demolished your screen, T-Mobile can connect your to an affordable replacement and give your free shipping using our codes.

Some folks won’t even sign contracts during the Mercury retrograde phase, they’re so paranoid of Mercury’s wonky retrograde vibrations.  If you want the security of Verizon’s network, quality and customer service, check out our codes.  You’ll get $50 off and free shipping, because you never know when your phone might end up at the bottom of the pool.

Just yesterday, my phone decided that it didn’t want to charge.  I blame Mercury retrograde.  You may lose your phone, but you won’t lose your sanity using our codes to save.  We may not be able to prevent communication faux pas but we can help you get a new phone if needed.  Use our codes to save!