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Mobile Accessories For Your Car

by Anne Middleton, on August 28th, 2015

If your purse or satchel is a black hole, you know what a pain it can be to fish out your phone while driving.  Our phones are more than phones these days.  They’re GPS systems, personal assistants and memory-makers.  With hands-free driving and safety concerns, it’s more important than ever to situate your phone for maximum ease of use in the car and we’ve got a few tips for you—and savings too!


Get a grip.  That’s right.  Never fumble in that portable drug store you call a purse again, when you invest in the Universal Cup-iT with Grip-iT.  Nestle it in your cup holder and you’ll still have room to stow your latte as your go down the road.  4 Wheel Drive offers 5% off your order using our codes!


Your spouse is an Android fan.  Your daughter is fixated on her IPad.  You still tote around a Crackberry.  It’s hard being a multi-device family in the car.   Bracketron’s USB Car Charger on the 4 Wheel Parts site is adaptable.  If you’ve got chargers that are bungling, invest in a new one and keep the whole brood content in the car.  4 Wheel Parts offers 5% off any order using our codes, so if you’re a multi-device and multi-car family, it behooves you to invest in a few chargers, especially if your teen is about to get her own hot rod too.


I hate it when I am going down the road and I drop my cell phone in some unknown abyss in my car.  I hear it ring and ring and ding and ding and can’t pull over to excavate it from the under the car seat.  It’s almost always in some treacherous crevice of metal and plastic sure to scratch up my dainty hands too.  Now, I don’t have to worry about that because I invested in the Pyle 7" Single DIN In-Dash Motorized Touchscreen Receiver with Bluetooth Capability from Advance Auto Parts.  I can make and screen calls and even screen a movie to pacify the tots.  And, best yet, I don’t need to fish out my astray cell phone from a crevice or my purse.  With Advance Auto Parts coupons, I saved time, money and hassle when I got the screen.


Now, there still places in the U.S. that are “off the grid”.  If you’re ever driving and find yourself in the boonies, and there are no bars on the cell phone, it might be a good idea to have an old-school CB or 2-Way radio.  The Cobra Electronics Compact CB Radio might be a worthy investment if you plan on off-roading or traversing a road less traveled.  Auto Parts Warehouse has this and other time-tested brands of radios.  Auto Parts Warehouse offers 5% off any order, so budget for it when you plan your next road trip. 


Nomophobia, fear of losing cellphone contact, is a real fear now that we’ve habituated daily cell phone use.   The car can be a source of many nomophobic moments, so gear up and get a grip on your cell phone.  We have the codes to save you money on all sorts of accessories for the car, so use our codes today!