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Mother's Day at New Balance

by Abbey O'Bryan, on May 8th, 2018

Ever wonder where the "vintage" trend started? I have a theory....


It started with moms. Not hip, fashion-forward moms. Nope. Just regular moms who succumbed to the reality that every last cent of the clothing budget would be eaten up by the tiny human she brought into this world. This tiny human becomes a medium-sized human, then a large-sized human at an alarmingly fast pace. Any nurturing mom immediately notices this and spends the next 18 years dashing to replace clothes and shoes every 2 months; either because the tiny human has outgrown it or, even more likely, COMPLETELY DESTROYED it in under 2 weeks (this might be my reality at this very moment). Now imagine she births more than one tiny human. Yeah. A bad case of vintage-by-default sets in because, well, "these shoes from 1995 still fit and haven't fallen apart yet." 


Treating herself no longer comes naturally to your mom. So this Mother's Day, you've got to step up and do it for her. Treat her to something she wouldn't treat herself to, like a new performance jacket from New Balance or a new pair of 990v4s in bright pink for Spring. Now here's a treat for you, the gift-giver: save $10 off your New Balance order $75+ with PromoCodesForYou.com's promo code. Remember, vintage is only cool if it's a choice. Help a mother out!