mountain state shoes

Mountain State Shoes

by Anne Middleton, on November 12th, 2015

When we think West Virginia, we usually think coal.  Coal is an important resource in West Virginia but there’s so much more to discuss when it comes to West Virginia. Let’s take an amble across West Virginia in some Mountain State shoes. 

You’ll feel like a millionaire in Bramwell, West Virginia’s Millionaire’s Town.  Lined with mansions of yesteryear from prior coal booms, a trek to Bramwell is glimpse into the largesse of decades gone by.  You’ll look and feel like an opulent diva in the Glitter Glam Boots by Boston Proper.  Dress them up or dress them down.  You’ll get 10% off when you sign up for emails from Boston Proper.  All that glitters is not gold as the old maxim says, but we can still save you some of your hard-earned cash on fabulous vacation shoes.

Soak away your cares at Berkeley Hot Springs.  The balmy mineral water will be excellent for your health.  Afterwards, take care of your feet with UGGs.  Gents will love the Bennison II Cork by UGG after a long soak.  Get free shipping and free returns from UGG when you shop with our codes.  Now, relax!

History buffs must put Harper’s Ferry on their itinerary.  See the storied site of John Brown’s raid.  There’s much to explore in Harper’s Ferry, so you’ll want to ditch your usual clunky clodhoppers for a more nimble shoe.  Check out the Chuck Taylor All Star II by Converse.  Converse offers $5.95 flat rate shipping when you shop with our codes. 

West Virginia awaits you.  More than coal, West Virginia is steeped in history and you can steep in a hot mineral soak if you’d like. Update your footwear wardrobe and take an amble across West Virginia.  Save using our codes!