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My Cat From Hell

by Anne Middleton, on May 13th, 2015

Does your feisty feline have problematic behaviors?  Does your cat need a behaviorist or worse, an exorcist?  Having a temperamental cat in the house is never fun, but there’s a myriad of tools you can use to decode your cat’s catty behavior.

Get all the resources of Animal Planet for iOs with a new Apple phone or iPad from T-Mobile.  Catch up on all the episodes of My Cat from Hell and get much needed behavior tips from cat whisperer Jackson.  Got a cat that likes to nibble on noxious nosh?  Pet Poison Help is your go-to guide for hundreds of household products and plants and what to do if Fluffy ingests them.  Save up for those pesky pet accidents by getting free shipping on all orders from T-Mobile. 

Now, if your cat does need an exorcist, that’s no laughing matter and unfortunately we can’t recommend a good exorcism app.  But, we can give you a good laugh.  Watch Hell’s Kitty, the web series sensation about a possessed cat, on YouTube on your new device from Verizon. Hell’s Kitty features horror luminaries like Adrienne Barbeau and Michael Berryman.  Buying a new tablet or phone from Verizon won’t be scary though, when you use our codes.  You’ll get $50 off and free shipping on select phones and devices when use our codes from Verizon. 

Whether you are looking into cat homeopathics, searching high and low for a pet psychic or just need a good laugh, a quality mobile device can help you manage a myriad of feline quirks.  Use our codes and you’ll save some money too!  It’s up to you whether you spend that on pet hotels, catnip or a cat psychiatrist.