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National Bike Week

by Anne Middleton, on May 19th, 2015

The third week of May is designated as National Bike Week.  Many adults have lost the simple pleasure of riding a bike in their daily lives as they watch their kids graduate from a tricycle to a bicycle.  Adults, it’s time to reclaim the bicycle—and no, spin class does not count.

You don’t have to be competing in the Tour de France to take up biking again.  However, you can get a bit of Parisian flair when riding a bike when your sport Boston Proper’s Fashion Wedge Sneakers.  These are not your go-to sneakers for mountain biking, but are perfect for wheeling around the corner to pick up your daily latte, beignet and newspaper.  Save 10% when you sign up for emails from Boston Proper.

Likewise, nothing bespeaks the romance of pedaling through the New England countryside like the Syleste flats by UGG.  Comfy and casual, you’re bound to have an easy-going, enjoyable amble down some lovely country roads in these shoes.  With free shipping and free returns on all orders using our codes, you’re sure to be lost awhile bike riding in these great shoes.

Bikes, with their deft handling and compactness, can often go where your minivan cannot.  If you’ve ever marveled at a biker whizzing in and out of heavy urban traffic, you’re not alone.  For the urban biker, Converse are a must.  From delivering newspapers to pizza to just getting through the melee of traffic, bikes in the city are a must-have.  Converse has an amazing selection of all types of sneakers, including the Men’s Chuck Taylor All Star Washed Canvas.  With $5.95 flat rate shipping using our codes, Converse is a great choice.

Of course, if you are the competitive type, you’ll want Nikes.  The Nike Fingertrap Max is a great training shoe that you’ll not only love to wear while on the bike, but in the gym as well.  Bike to the gym!  Feel the burn in those calves and quads each time you don your Nikes.  You won’t feel burned though paying for them, especially when you use our codes to save on shipping from Nike, when your order is $75 or more.

Your finances won’t spin out of control if you use our codes.  Whether you’re a casual bike rider or a competitive biker, we’ve got the shoes and the codes for you!