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National Candy Month

by Anne Middleton, on June 24th, 2015

June is National Candy Month.  Twix, Rolos, Reeses Pieces, Milky Way—we all have a candy we love, but did you know you can make candy too?  And no, we are not talking about a game app.  You can actually make real candy right in your kitchen. 

If the closest you’ve gotten to candy crafting is Candy Crush Saga, explore the Apple app store.  The Delicious Candy Recipes app by Imran Qureshi makes hundreds of indulgent recipes.  How long has it been since you’ve had taffy?  I bet…forever.  Make it in your kitchen.  Know what a brigadeiro tastes like?  Try making it.  Not sure if you’re up to the task of candy crafting?  Try making their chocolate-covered potato chips.  We’ll sweeten the deal for you by offering you free shipping on all orders of $25 or more from T-Mobile using our codes.

Give me a break.  Give me a break.  Give me a break from high retail markups…and a Kit Kat bar.  If you’re still unsure of your candy-making skills, get on Youtube and watch Kate Rosenhouse temper chocolate on  No, that’s not how to make chocolate angry.  It’s how to melt it down to make dipped strawberries, or chocolate truffles or ganache.  Yum!  You’ll find Verizon’s deals delectable as well.  Verizon offers $50 off and free shipping using our codes.  Get it all on Chromecast to enjoy an easy way to stream online video and music to your TV.  Chromecast supports popular services including Netflix, YouTube, HBO GO, Hulu Plus, Pandora, and Google Play Movies and Music, so you can temper that chocolate alongside Kate anytime you want, on any size screen. Sweet!

Our deals with Verizon and T-Mobile are super sweet.  Don’t get cheated by other carriers offering your saccharine slogans and promos but faulty service and high markups.  Use our codes save and celebrate National Candy Month with us!