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National Dog House Repair Month

by Anne Middleton, on July 13th, 2015

Take a good, long look at Fido’s house.  Does it look as good as your house?  July is National Dog House Repair Month.  Now, before you head out to the big box home improvement store or the pet supply store, consider shopping online for auto parts first.

If you need to completely rehab Rover’s abode, build from a base of tires.  Fill in with dirt, cover with a tarp and then lay the dog bed on top.  Build a wall around your sturdy base and of course a roof!  With 5% off your order from 4 Wheel Parts, you can afford a set of tires for your re-imagined doghouse and you won’t be in the doghouse for paying too much.

If you’re tired of the same old, peaked wooden roof or that plastic dog den has been battered by too much summer sun, consider the Bestop D348104009 All weather Truck Cab Top Cover from Auto Parts Warehouse as your new doghouse roof.  Sturdy and dependable, you can base your whole design off this tough truck accoutrement.    With 5% off, you’ll be howling at the moon in celebration, when you use our codes. 

Re-purpose a premium Jeep Soft Top for Rover’s very own sun roof. Or, if your Jeep could use a new soft top, recycle the old one as a doggy door component when you buy a new soft top from 4 Wheel Drive.  With 5% off using our codes, you won’t have to beg or roll over on a higher price.

Perhaps your doghouse just needs a little cleaning.  Once you’ve swept or hosed it out, cut down a Nifty Products Cargo-Logic, Protective Bed Liner to fit the floor of your dog house for extra protection from dirt, grime and moisture.  Easy to clean and dry, your dog will feel better with the extra insulation.  Advance Auto Parts has this and other supplies for your dog house rehabilitation at a great savings.  Our codes will get you 30% off orders of $50 or more.

A dilapidated dog house is not fun for your dog and if it’s time to rehab your dog’s abode look to auto parts for inspiration.  Nix the dogloo and create a den tailor made for your canine companion.  It won’t take a bite out of you finances either, because we have great codes to save you money.