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National Listening Month

by Anne Middleton, on March 27th, 2015

Listen, up everyone!  It’s International Listening Awareness Month AND National On-Hold Month.  Sounds like a nightmare, right?  Compelled to listen to some sappy jingle while waiting to talk to someone in transoceanic call center?  It’s time to celebrate being able to multi-task on smart phones with deep discounts from T-Mobile and Verizon this month using our promo codes.

If you’ve ever felt like you were trapped in an episode of “Outsorurced” and couldn’t flee, consider getting T-Mobile’s awesome iPhone and iPad bundles.  Get an iPhone 6 and a substantially discounted iPad Mini 3 for those times you are languishing in the customer service queue.  You can play a game on your iPad or dictate a letter while (endlessly) waiting. Use our promo code and you’ll enjoy free shipping—sorry no Bollywood dance extravaganza included, but you may do your own happy dance if you choose.

There’s plenty to admire about Verizon’s Google Nexus 6, one of their site’s most highly reviewed phones.  If you are a true Droid aficionado, this is the phone for you if you check out their reviews.  Google Play will help keep you entertained through those tinny messages and hold queues and with the crystal clear call quality of Verizon you’ll be able to listen to the melodious voices of those you truly love.  Besides, it multi-tasks like a dream so even if you’re held captive by an interminable work conference call, you can escape to other tasks more engaging.  Get 30% off and free shipping on select cell phones and other devices using our promo codes—that will free up some cash to enjoy more on Google Play!

It’s easy to get frustrated and inveigh fruitlessly to call center personnel, relatives and co-workers when we have a mobile device mediating between us and them.  Use your cell phone for good and distract yourself when someone or something is getting close to pushing your hot button.  Use our promo codes and save yourself money, time and emotional exhaustion.  And, even if you’re on hold and forced to listen to another minute of electronica, and you pitch your phone in the ocean in a fit of fury, you can easily replace your phone with our codes.